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COVID-19 case awareness and action checklist

If a student or colleague informs you they have tested positive for COVID-19, or if this person indicates they have been instructed to self-isolate by Fraser Health or another BC public health authority, please review or complete the items in this checklist:

Steps to follow:

  Keep all medical information confidential. Fraser Health is responsible for all notification and communication to those who are impacted. Please do not share anyone’s health information – including COVID-19 test results with your class or department. Personal medical information should never be shared. 

  If a student: have the student complete the Student declaration of absence from Face-to-Face Classes, Activities and Labs form. Students may receive support from Student Services through the PASS system. This is not a required step but can be used if the student’s success or well-being is at risk.

 If an employee: have the person complete the Sick Leave Form‌ according to the UFV sick leave process

  If Fraser Health contacts you, please cooperate regarding contact tracing and notify

  There is no need to contact Facilities for further cleaning. Cleaning and sanitation of all UFV spaces are already scheduled by Facilities according to updated cleaning protocols

  Review the basics of Communicable Disease Prevention with your class, summarized on the Return to Campus page

  If you believe a student is attending class before they have completed their self-isolation period or is otherwise in violation of Return to Campus protocols, please connect with the Student Affairs office at or with Amanda Morrison at

  Notify your supervisor of the steps you have taken. 

  Email Environmental Health and Safety at for further help. They will assist with walking through this process.


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