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Safe Student Community

Relevant Policies

Relevant policies

There are three main policies that are used to address student non-academic misconduct at UFV (others may also apply). It is important to know that any violation of policy is handled with care, support, and a concept called Administrative Fairness. Decisions made about whether violations occur are determined by the probability that an event is “more likely than not” to have occurred.

1. Policy 204: Safe Student Learning Community 

“Any behaviour that is disruptive to the learning environment and represents potential for harm, risk, or damage to members of the university community or its property is prohibited."

While there is a list of behaviours that are considered disruptive, this policy is meant to capture actions or behaviours that negatively impact the learning environment of others. This includes but is not limited to virtual environments, physical property, and direct communications between students, or between students and staff/faculty.

2. Policy 236: Prevention, Education, and Response to Sexualized Violence 

Sexualized Violence is considered an umbrella term that refers to a broad group of behaviours that include any unwanted act that is carried out through sexual means or that targets a person’s sexuality. This includes acts that occur through electronic means. Some of these acts may include:

    •           Sexual Harassment
    •           Sexual Assault
    •           Sexual exploitation
    •           Stalking
    •           Indecent exposure
    •           Voyeurism
    •           Promotion of Sexualized Violence 
    •           Any attempts or threats to do any of the above

3. Policy 18: Discrimination, Bullying, and Harassment Prevention 

“Behaviour directed towards another person that is abusive or demeaning, including a direct or indirect reference to a reasonable person experiencing the behaviour as interfering with the person's participation in a university-related activity or as creating an intimidating, humiliating or hostile environment."


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