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Safe Student Community

Safe Student Learning Community Policy Process

Our Approach

All students are viewed as important members of the UFV community.  Our approach to non-academic misconduct reflects that.

  • Administrative/procedural fairness – a range of rights and procedures that guarantees fairness.  Decisions are based on the probability that an event is “more likely than not” to have occurred
  • If you have been alleged to violate one or more of the policies, you will be contacted by The Office of the VP Students. They will inform you of the details of the allegation and inform you that a Student Support Coordinator will be reaching out to you to provide support throughout this process
  • Allegations can be challenging for all parties involved.  Student Support Coordinators are there to connect you to supportive services, explain the non-academic misconduct process, and answer any questions you may have.  They will also set up a meeting with the Interviewer
  • The term "interview" can sound intimidating, but it is really just a conversation.  Based on Administrative Fairness, you have a right to be heard, and sharing your experience and what contributed to it is a helpful part of the process
    • This process is not an interrogation
  • Wherever possible, decisions that find the respondent responsible for a violation will use a restorative and educational lens to determine appropriate sanctions

If you would like a detailed understanding of the Safe Student Learning Community Policy procedures, please review the documents below.

Administrative Fairness

Affirmation of Understanding

Guidelines for Preparation & Participation 

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