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Safety and Security

Medical emergency - first aid

24/7 Emergency Contacts

Call 911 in emergencies | (9-911 from a UFV phone)

First aid: 1-855-282-7770  (local 7770) | Security: 1-855-239-7654 (local 7654)

Power/Internet outage: 604-824-2156

If you witness a medical emergency:

Make sure the area is safe

  • Stay calm.
  • Identify any dangers and safeguard the scene. (For example, if someone has fallen in the parking lot, ask bystanders to wave any approaching vehicles away).

Get help

  • Ask a bystander to first call 911 and then call UFV first aid 1-855-282-7770 (local 7770 from a UFV landline phone).
  • If you are alone, make the call yourself.

Stay at the scene

  • Remain with the patient until trained help arrives.
  • If you have first aid or medical training, care for the patient as you are able.
  • Assist emergency responders and provide any information they request.

If you need first aid for a minor injury:

You may experience a minor injury while on campus — a cut, for example, or an ankle sprain. Our security personnel are trained to provide minor first aid. Please feel free to stop by the security office closest to your location for help.

First aid office locations

Abbotsford campus: First floor, building B (B120) See Abbotsford campus map »

Chilliwack campus: See Chilliwack campus map »

  • First floor, building A (A1115)
  • Trades & Technology Centre: First floor, building T (T1108)

For first aid assistance at all other campuses: contact security at 1-855-282-7770 (local 7770)