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Safety and Security

Workstation setup

When your workstation is ergonomic— comfortable and efficient — you will enjoy your work, feel better, and prevent injuries. It may take a little time to set up your work or study space in a way that works for you. Don't be afraid to try different chairs, adjust your chair height, use stacks of books to adjust your monitor or laptop, and invest in a few good accessories, like a mouse pad with a wrist rest. Use the checklist below to guide you.

Ideal seated workstation set-up 

Good posture checklist

 Head upright and over your shoulders

 Eyes looking slightly downward without bending from the neck

 Back supported, with a chair that promotes natural curve of your lower back

 Elbows bent at 90°, forearms horizontal, shoulders relaxed

 Thighs horizontal with 90-110° angle at the hip

 Feet flat on the floor, or supported by a footrest

Personalized help with your workstation

Office ergonomics self-assessment tool

A step-by-step fillable checklist for setting up your workstation, with space to communicate your specific concerns. EHS will contact you to schedule a follow-up assessment if needed.

Workstation set-up - special situations

Setting up your remote workstation

If you like to move around with your laptop, use this one-page checklist from Movesafe to make sure your temporary work or study spot is set up well.

Ergonomic tips for remote work

If you are working from home, this resource provides detailed guidance and tips for setting up your space.

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