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South Asian Migration: 1906-1915 The Vancouver Province Articles

This database highlights the work the SASI has done to digitize the articles from the Vancouver Daily News Province from the years 1906-1915. The articles relate to South Asian migration to Canada during this time period. We are grateful to Dr. Norman Buchignani, Dr. Doreen M. Indra and Ram Srivastiva, authors of "A Continuous Journey" for donating their archival documents to us. 

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20-Jul-1906: EXPECT HINDUS TO COME IN AUTUMN ‌: View Original -‌ View Transcript  
20-Jul-1906: TURBANED HINDUS FILL POLICE COURT : View Original Part 1Part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
06-Aug-1906: TO INVESTIGATE HINDU INVASION :‌ View Original -‌ View Transcript  
25-Aug-1906: CITY CANNOT STOP INVASION : View Original -‌ View Transcript   
04-Sep-1906: MANY HINDUS ARE DEPORTED :‌ View original part 1,‌ part 2- ‌View Transcript  
19-Sep-1906: FORTY HINDUS WILL RETURN TO INDIA :‌ View original -‌ View Transcript  
19-Sep-1906: THEY PROTEST AT COMING OF HINDUS :‌ View original part 1,‌ part 2View Transcript  
13-Oct-1906: AGENT OF HINDUS IS HERE SPYING OUT THE LAND : View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
15-Oct-1906: POLICE GUARD WHARF TO STOP HINDUS ENTERING :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 - ‌View Trasncript  
17-Oct-1906: AS BRITISH SUBJECTS HINDUS MAY VOTE:‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
01-Nov-1906: ADVICES HINDUS NOT TO COME OVER :‌ View Original  - View Transcript  
12-Nov-1906: C.P.R POLICE TO GUARD THE WHARF : View Orginal -‌ View Trasncript  
16-Nov-1906: HINDUS SNAPSHOT LATEST ARRIVAL :‌ View Orginal -‌View Trasncript  
19-Nov-1906: HINDUS WISH TO JOIN MILITIA :‌ View Orginal - ‌View Transcript  
23-Nov-1906 O1- SHIVERING HINDUS THROWN OUT ON STREETSView Orgina part 1,‌‌part 2 -‌ View Transcript   
24-Nov-1906: EVACUATED HINDUS MOVED TO EBURNE THIS AFTERNOON :‌ View Orginal - ‌View Transcript   
27-Nov-1906: HINDUS MUST HAVE AT LEAST $500 : View Orginal -‌View Transcript   
30-Nov-1906: HINDUS EMPLOYED ON RAILWAY WORK : View Orginal - ‌View Transcript  
30-Nov-1906: HINDUS BOARDING-HOUSE WILL BE ERECTED : View Orginal - View Transcript   
01-Dec-1906: DRIVE HINDUS OUT OF HOUSES: View Original - ‌View Transcript  
04-Dec-1906: PUNJAB GOVTerNMENT ISUES THE WARNING :‌ View Orginal - ‌View Transcript   
07-Dec-1906: HINDUS SHACK FIRED BY THE INCENDIARY TO DAY :‌‌ View Orginal -‌View Transcript  
15-Dec-1906: HINDUS HAVE DESERTED EBURNE CANERY : ‌‌View Orginal -‌ View Transcript  
29-Dec-1906: HINDUS STRIKE FOR HIGHER WAGES :‌ View Orginal -‌ View Transcript   
18-Apr-1907: HINDUS MAY NOT VOTE IN VANCOVER :‌ View Orginal -‌View Transcript   
10-Apr-1907: INVADING ASIATICS MUST PAY POLL TAX : ‌View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
17-Apr-1907: “HINDU MUST GO,” IS SLOGAN OF NEW UNION :‌View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
02-Dec-1907: RESULT OF THE COMMISSION :‌ ‌View Original Part 1 ,Part 2Part 2Part 2Part 2Part 2Part 2‌ -‌View Transcript  
03-Dec-1907: ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN FOR IMMIGRATION OF HINDUS :‌ View orignalView Transcript  
26-Dec-1907: HINDU DRIVEN FROM ALASKA MINING CAMP :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
25-Feb-1907: STIRRED UP HATRED AGAINST BRITISH : View Orignal -  View Transcript  
29-Jan-1907: HINDUS QUIT RAILWAY WORK :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
25-Jul-1907: HINDUS PREFER LAND OF THE FREE :  View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
20-Mar-1907: WILL DENY TO HINDUS THE RIGHT OF VOTING : ‌View Orignal - View Transcript  
27-Mar-1907: HINDUS ARE EXCLUDED BY UNANIMOUS DECISION :‌ View Orignal - View Transcript  
03-May-1907: HINDU MOB MAKES ATTACK ON EUROPEANS : ‌View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
05-Nov-1907: HINDUS LEAVING EVERETT TO-DAY :‌ View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
06-Nov-1907: HOW POLICE THE CITY AGAINST ASIATIC HORDES? :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2-‌ View Transcript  
22-Nov-1907: INQUIRY NOW EXAMINES HINDU’S DAVISCHAND CALLED UP : View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
23-Nov-1907: HINDU CHARGED WITH BLACKMAILING :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
26-Nov-1907: MORIKAWA WILL NOT TESTIFY AT THE COMMISION :‌ View Origna part1, part 2 -‌ View Transcript  

04-Oct-1907: HINDUS DRIVEN OUT OF WASHINGTON :‌ View Orignal - ‌View Transcript

10-Oct-1907: NEARLY TWO HUNDRED HINDUS REFUSED LANDING : View Orignal -‌View Transcript  
24-Oct-1907: BOWEN IS CHARGED WITH MURDER :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
25-Oct-1907: NO FIGHTING HEARD IN ROOM :  View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
25-Oct-1907: INDIAN RAJAH’S SON TALKS OF RACE PROBLEM :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
29-Oct-1907: SAID HE SHOT DARGA SING IN DEFENCE OF HONOR :‌‌View Orignal part 1, part 2- View Transcript  
06-Sep-1907: HINDUS’ LODGINGS BURNED BY MOB : View Orignal -View Transcript  
11-Sep-1907: HINDU REFUGEES NOW IN SEATTLE : ‌ View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
11-Sep-1907: MONTEAGLE IN WITH NINE HUNDRED HINDUS :‌ View Orignal - ‌ View Transcript  
14-Sep-1907:  HINDUS APPEAL FOR ASSISTANCE FROM CITY :‌ View Orignal - View Transcript  
14-Sep-1907: HINDUS THROWN OUT OF BERTHS : View Orignal part 1, part 2 - ‌ View Transcript  
17-Sep-1907: HINDUS APPEAL TO GOVERNOR GENERAL : View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
18-Sep-1907: AFTERMATH OF RIOT :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
07-Apr-1908: BRITAIN TO STOP HINDU EMIGRATION :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
13-Apr-1908: C.P.R. HAS STOPPED CARRYING HINDUS :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
15-Apr-1908: THE IMMIGRATION QUESTION :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
29-Apr-1908: SEVENTY HINDUS SUE GOVERNMENT :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
22-Aug-1908: DEPORT HINDUS BY THE SCORE : View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
22-Aug-1908: HINDUS AND ITALIANS FIGHT AT TACOMA :‌View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
07-Dec-1908: HINDUS HAVE FORMED JOINT-STOCK COMPANY :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
07-Dec-1908: A MISCHEVIOUS LEADER :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
07-Dec-1908: FEDERAL OFFICIALS WERE MENACED BY THE HINDUS :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2- View Transcript  
12-Dec-1908: MYSTERY AND POWER OF TEJA SINGH : View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2,‌pic 1,‌pic 2 View Transcript  
18-Dec-1908: HITCH OCCURS IN HINDU LAND DEAL : ‌View OrignalView Transcript  
18-Dec-1908: EMMA GOLDMAN TO LECTURE IN INDIA : View Orignal - View Transcript  
21-Dec-1908: TEJA SINGH ASPIRES TO BE MOSES AMONG THE SIKHS :‌‌ View Orignal part 1, part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
21-Dec-1908: A FIELD FOR THE SIKHS : View Orignal - View Transcript  
26-Dec-1908: NATIVE PRESS OF INDIA RESPONSIBLE FOR SEDITION :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
12-Feb-1908: BARRIER AGAINST THE HORDES OF ASIA IS UP TO-DAY :‌‌ ‌View Orignal part 1, part 2 - View Transcript  
13-Feb-1908: FIRST APPLICATION OF NATAL ACT THIS  MORNING :‌‌ View Orignal - View Transcript  
15-Feb-1908: HINDUS GO BACK TO DEAR OLD SUVA :‌ View Orignal -‌View Transcript  
25-Feb-1908: HINDUS ARE EXPECTED TO FIGHT TO ENTER CANADA  :‌ View Orignal -‌View Transcript  
28-Feb-1908: HINDUS TRY TO PROVE THEY ARE CITIZENS OF EMPIRE :‌View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
29-Feb-1908: NATAL ACT FOR MONTEAGLE HINDUS :‌ View Orignal - View Transcript  
20-Jan-1908: FIRST SIKH TEMPLE IN THE PROVINCE :‌View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
17-Jul-1908: REPTILE PRESS SPREADS SEDITION THROUGH INDIA :‌ View Orignal part 1part 2- ‌View Transcript  
05-Jun-1908: HINDUS WOULD START FARMING ON LARGE SCALE : ‌View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
09-Jun-1908: SUPRESS NEWSPAPERS FOR INCITING SEDITION : ‌View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
26-Jun-1908: CAUSES OF DISCONTENT PROMPTING HINDUS TO ANARCHY :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
30-Jun-1908: THE AMERICAN SETTLER : ‌ View Orignal part 1, ‌part 2 - ‌View Transcript  
02-Mar-1908: TEST CASE OF HINDUS NOW AT VICTORIA : View Orignal - View Transcript  
March 03, 1908 I O- WILL DEPORT FIFTEEN HINDUS UNABLE TO PASS TEST.pdf: ‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
03-Mar-1908: FEDERAL DESPOTISM : ‌View Orignal part 1,‌part 2- View Transcript  
04-Mar-1908: FIFTEEN HINDUS THROWN INTO JAIL : ‌View OrignalView Transcript  
05-Mar-1908: HINDUS STILL HELD WITHOUT BAIL :‌ View OrignalView Transcript  
10-Mar-1908: HINDUS GUILTY OF BREAKING NATAL ACT : ‌View Orignal - View Transcript  
13-Mar-1908: PRACTICALLY A DEAD LETTER NOW IS NATAL ACT :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
13-Mar-1908: AN ABSURD MEASURE :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
14-Mar-1908: WILL NOT ATTEMPT TO ENFORCE NATAL ACT :‌ View Orignal part 1, part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
17-Mar-1908: FIVE THOUSAND FIJI HINDUS ARE COMING :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
17-Mar-1908: NEARLY TWO HUNDRED HINDUS ARE DEPORTED :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
18-Mar-1908: OTTAWA AND HINDUS :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
19-Mar-1908: FOR FAILING TO TAKE HINDUS, C.P.R. MAY BE FINED : ‌View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
24-Mar-1908: HINDUS ARE RELEASED ON HABEAS CORPUS ORDER :‌ View Orignal part 1, part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
25-Mar-1908: OTTAWA CHARGED HINDUS FOR BOARD : View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
25-Mar-1908: NO ENVOY COMING ON HINDU MATTER : View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
26-Mar-1908: HOLDING HINDUS AT ORIENTAL PORT :‌ View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
27-Mar-1908: INEFFECTIVE REGULATIONS: View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
01-May-1908: PITIFUL APPEAL OF STARVING HINDUS :‌ View Original -‌ View Transcript  
21-May-1908: HINDUS HERE HELPING INSURRECTION IN INDIA : View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
23-May-1908: ANARCHY IN INDIA IS FOUND TO BE VERY WIDESPREAD :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
04-Nov-1908: HINDU SPEAKS ON INDIA’S PROBLEMS :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
07-Nov-1908: TRAILING HINDU CONSPIRATORS :‌ View Orignal  -‌ View Transcript  
23-Nov-1908: SHARPLY CRITICAL OF BRITISH RULE :‌ View Orignal part 1part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
23-Nov-1908: BRIBES WERE OFFERED TO HINDUS TO GO TO HONDURAS : ‌ View Orignal part1,‌ part 2, part 3, part 4 -‌ View Transcript  
24-Nov-1908: WILL SUPPRESS REVOLT IN INDIA :‌ View Orignal -‌View Transcript  
24-Nov-1908: THE HINDU SITUATION :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
04-Sep-1908: WEALTH SENT TO ASIA : View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 - ‌View Transcript  
05-Apr-1909: AN OXFORD SEDITION-MONGER :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  

05-Aug-1909: WHITES REPLACE HINDUS :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript

09-Feb-1909: LOYALTY OF THE SIKHS  :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
22-Feb-1909: HINDU INVESTIGATES MANUFACTURE OF BOMBS :‌ View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
09-Jan-1909: INDIAN ANARCHISTS :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
19-Jan-1909: HINDUS ESTABLISH TEMPLE IN VICTORIA :‌View OrignalView Transcript  
05-Jul-1909: ENCOURAGERS OF AGITATION :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
05-Jul-1909: THE EMPIRE OF INDIA, The Great Unrest :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
06-Jul-1909: THE EMPIRE OF INDIA, Anarchy and Assassination :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
09-Jul-1909: CIVILIZATION`S ENTIRE FABRIC IS IN DANAGER : ‌View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
10-Mar-1909: INDIAN ANARCHISTS :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
16-Nov-1909: BOMBS IN INDIA : View Orignal part 1, part 2 -‌View Transcript  
30-Sep-1909: The Indian Sedition Mongers :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
29-Apr-1910: HINDUS ARE NOW OUT FOR RIGHT TO VOTE :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌View Transcript  
09-Dec-1910: SEDITION IN INDIA :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 - View Transcript  
05-Feb-1910: THROTTLE PRESS OF TROUBLED INDIA : ‌View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
09-Feb-1910: CHEAP LABOR :‌ View Orignal - View Transcript  
20-Jul-1910: HINDUS ARE TURNED DOWN BY MAHARAJAH : ‌View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
01-Jun-1910: VANCOUVER HINDUS AID PLOTTERS IN INDIA :‌ View Original Part 1,‌ Part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
21-Mar-1910: INDIAN AGITATORS :‌View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 - View Transcript  
03-Nov-1910: LAW’S DELAY GIVES RESPITE TO RAHIM :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
06-Sep-1910: HINDOO IMMIGRATION : View OrignalView Transcript  
12-Sep-1910: BECOMING ALARMED : View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
17-Apr-1911: PLEA OF HINDUS FOR EQUAL RIGHTS : ‌View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
15-Dec-1911: NO LOWERING OF BARS TO HINDUS : View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
16-Dec-1911: WIVES OF HINDUS OF BETTER CLASS :‌ View Orignal -‌View Transcript  
18-Dec-1911: HINDUS TO MAKE APPEAL TO KING :‌ View Orignal - View Transcript  
14-Nov-1911: REGIMENT OF HINDUS MAY BE RAISED HERE : View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
15-Nov-1911: A HINDU REGIMENT :‌View Orignal - View Transcript  
25-Nov-1911: HINDU DELEGATION TO SEE PREMIER :‌ View OrignalView Transcript  
29-Nov-1911: ALLOW HINDUS TO BRING IN WIVES :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
April 1, 1912 O1- RAHIM IS SENT UP FOR TRIAL :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
19-Feb-1912: EXCLUSION OF ASIATICS : ‌‌View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
19-Feb-1912: ABSOLUTE LIE, SAYS DR. SUNDER SINGH : View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
28-Feb-1912: THE HINDU QUESTION :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
06-Jan-1912: OPPOSE ADMISSION OF WIVES OF HINDUS : ‌View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
27-Jan-1912: REFUSED ANY HEARING :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
30-Jan-1912: HINDUS FURNISH BAIL :‌ View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
04-May-1912: HINDUS APPEAL FOR THEIR WIVES :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
29-Mar-1912: WILL ARREST HINDU WHO IS ALLEGED TO HAVE VOTED :‌ View Orignal - View Transcript  
01-May-1912: DID NOT DEPORT TWO HINDU WOMEN : ‌View Original - ‌View Transcript  
11-May-1912: HINDU STUDENT EXCLUDED :‌ View Orignal - ‌View Transcript   
22-Nov-1912: HINDU SUES FOR TICKET FOR WIFE : View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
28-Aug-1913: HINDUS FIND WAY TO ENTER CANADA : ‌View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
01-Dec-1913: APPEAL IN HINDU DECISION NOT LIKELY :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
02-Dec-1913: THE HINDU PROBLEM : ‌View Original -‌ View Transcript  
09-Dec-1913: EMBARGO PLACED ON IMMIGRATION : View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
09-Dec-1913: BRING BHAGWAN SINGH BACK HERE :‌ View Orignal - ‌‌View Transcript  
09-Dec-1913: HINDUS RE-RELEASED : ‌View Orignal - View Transcript  
10-Dec-1913: IMMIGRATION RULE TO ASSIST LABOR MARKET :‌‌ View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
10-Dec-1913: HERNAN SINGH HOLDS THE FORT : View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
17-Dec-1913: HERNAN SINGH WILL FIGHT DEPORTATION :‌‌ View Orignal - View Transcript  
19-Dec-1913: HINDU LOSES FIGHT AND MUST RETURN TO ORIENT :‌‌ ‌View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 - View Transcript  
16-Jul-1913: AGREE TO ADMIT HINDU’S MOTHER :‌‌ View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
06-Nov-1913: TO KEEP HINDUS FROM COMING TO CANADA : View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
18-Nov-1913: HINDUS IN NATAL HAVE ALL QUIT WORK : View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
20-Nov-1913: REAPING THE HARVEST : ‌View Orignal part 1,‌part 2-‌ View Transcript  
27-Nov-1913: ANOTHER SCORE OF HINDUS IN :‌View Orignal -‌View Transcript  
29-Nov-1913: LETS DOWN BARS FOR HINDUS TO ENTER :‌ View Orignal part 1, part 2View Transcript  
23-Jan-1914: THE PROBLEM OF INDIA :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
11-Feb-1914: HINDU PROBLEM IS TOO COMPLEX : View Original -‌‌ View Transcript  
14-Feb-1914: KEEP THAM ALL OUT IS THE ADVICE OF CAMINETTI :‌ View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
14-Feb-1914: ORIENTAL IMMIGRATION : ‌View Orignal - View Transcript  
20-Feb-1914: WILL EXCLUDE HINDU BUT SIDESTP JAPANESE : ‌View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
26-Mar-1914: HINDU PHILOSOPHER ORDERED DEPORTED : View Orignal - View Transcript  
16-Apr-1914: BOAT LOAD OF HINDUS ON WAY TO VANCOUVER : ‌View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
17-Apr-1914: RIGHT OF HINDUS TO RESIDE IN CANADA :‌ View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
17-Apr-1914: TESTING THE LAW  :‌ View Orignal part 1, ‌part 2 - ‌ View Transcript  
18-Apr-1914: HINDUS NOT TO BE ALLOWED TO LAND : ‌View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
22-May-1914: HINDUS’ SHIP CAN NOT SHOW BILL OF HEALTH :  View Orignal part 1,‌part 2,‌ part 3 - ‌View Transcript  
23-May-1914: HINDU VESSEL IN PORT :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2, part 3(pic),‌ part 4 -‌View Transcript  
26-May-1914: First Pictures of Hindus Aboard the "Komagata Maru" :‌ View Orignal (pic) -‌ View Transcript  
27-May-1914: LEADER OF HINDU PARTY :‌ View Orignal (pic) - View Transcript  
27-May-1914: A HINDU EXCURSION :‌ View Orignal part 1, part 2 -‌‌ View Transcript  
28-May-1914: HINDUS’ CHANCES TO LAND HERE GROW SMALLER :‌ View Orignal (pic) -‌ View Transcript  
03-Jun-1914: THE EXPERIMENT FAILS  View Orignal part 1, ‌part 2 - ‌View Transcript  
03-Jun-1914: WHAT WILL KOMAGATA DO NOW :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
04-Jun-1914: HINDUS REFUSING TO COME ASHORE FOR ENQUIRY :‌ View Orignal part 1, ‌part 2 - View Transcript  
04-Jun-1914: KEEP CLOSE WATCH ON ALL HINDU EMIGRANTS : ‌View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
05-Jun-1914: ON HUNGER STRIKE, BUT ONLY IN THE DAYTIME :‌ View Orignal part 1, ‌part 2, ‌part 3 - View Transcript  
06-Jun-1914: COMMONS TAKES UP HINDU HUNGER STRIKE : View Orignal part 1, ‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
08-Jun-1914: TO KEEP ASIATICS OUT OF THE DOMINION :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2,‌ part 3 -‌ View Transcript  
08-Jun-1914: KUMAR PREDICTS REVOLT IN INDIA : ‌View OrignalView Transcript  
10-Jun-1914: LOCAL HINDUS OFFER THE MONEY :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
13-Jun-1914: WOULD POUR HINDUS INTO THE DOMINION : ‌View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  

15-Jun-1914: LAWYERS ENGAGED IN HINDU TANGLE : ‌View Orignal - ‌View Transcript


15-Jun-1914: PAISH, PAISH, BE STILL :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript


16-Jun-1914: HINDUS ABOARD SHIP FEARED TRICK THIS MORNING :‌ View Original part 1,‌ part 2 - View Transcript 

16-Jun-1914: TREATY MAY COVER ENTRY OF HINDUS : ‌View Orignal part 1, part 2 - View Transcript  
17-Jun-1914: HOW TO GET RID OF HINDUS IS A PUZZLE :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2, - ‌View Transcript  
17-Jun-1914: IMMIGRATION :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌part 2 - ‌View Transcript  
19-Jun-1914: FACTS OF HINDU PLOT RECEIVED BY THE EMPRESS :‌ View Orignal part 1, ‌part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
20-Jun-1914: IS ANOTHER SHIP WITH HINDUS ON WAY OVER :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌part 2,‌ part 3 -‌View Transcript  
20-Jun-1914: THE KOMAGATA MARU : View Orignal - View Transcript : ‌View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
22-Jun-1914: MR. STEVENS FEARS A RIOT IF HINDUS ARE LANDED :‌ View Orignal part 1, ‌part 2 - View Transcript  
23-Jun-1914: HINDUS IN LAUNCH CHASED BACK TO DOCK AGAIN :‌ View Orignal part 1, ‌part 2,‌ part 3 - ‌View Transcript  
23-Jun-1914: WITHIN THE LAW :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
24-Jun-1914: HINDU QUESTION TO BE ROLLED OUT IN COURTS NOW :‌ View Orignal part 1, ‌part 2, part 3 - View Transcript  
25-Jun-1914: PLANNED TO SHANGHAI HINDUS ABOARD EMPRESS :‌ View Orignal part 1, part 2, ‌- View Transcript  
25-Jun-1914: THE REDUCTIO AD ABSURDUM : ‌View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
26-Jun-1914: STAGE ALL SET FOR APPEAL IN THE HINDU CASE :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  

02-Jul-1914: NONSENSE TALKS ABOUT THE KOMAGATA MARU :‌ View Original - ‌View Transcript

04-Jul-1914: WOULD NOT ALLOW HINDUS BACK ON THE VESSEL :‌ View Orignal part 1, ‌part 2,‌ part 3 - ‌View Transcript  
06-Jul-1914: Gurdit Singh Decides to Quit Will Give Up Contest and Go :‌ ‌View Orignal part 1, part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
06-Jul-1914: Hindus Lose Appeal Court Case; Validity of Orders Is Upheld : View Orignal part 1,‌part 2 - View Transcript  
06-Jul-1914: Let the Hindus Enter Is Clergyman’s Advice : ‌View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
08-Jul-1914: LIVE AND LET LIVE :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
09-Jul-1914: PAY FOR HINDUS’ PROVISIONS :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
13-Jul-1914: MARU TO LEAVE BY END OF WEEK :‌  View Orignal -‌View Transcript  
14-Jul-1914: RECRUITS TO TEACH SEDITION WANTED HERE BY HINDUS :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
15-Jul-1914: DO NOT SIDE-STEP THE ASIATIC ISSUE : View Orignal - View Transcript  
18-Jul-1914: HINDUS DEMAND THEIR FARES PAID : ‌View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
18-Jul-1914: CAPTAIN SEEMS TOO FOND OF WILY GURDIT SINGH :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
20-Jul-1914: EXTRA! : View Orignal - View Transcript :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
20-Jul-1914: BRING RAINBOW TO SUPPRESS UNRULY HINDUS :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2,‌ part 3,‌ part 4 - ‌View Transcript  
20-Jul-1914: Detailed Story of the Battle Between Police and Hindus : ‌View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2,‌ part 3 - View Transcript  
20-Jul-1914: A SERIOUS MATTER : ‌View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 - View Transcript  
21-Jul-1914: Hindus Finally Reply They Are Ready to Surrender Rather Than Chance a Fight :‌ View Orignal part 1part 2- ‌View Transcript  
21-Jul-1914: THINKS IT LIMIT OF COMIC OPERA : View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 - View Transcript  
21-Jul-1914: BRAMWAT SINGH LOOKS ON RAINBOW AS A JOKE :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
21-Jul-1914: HINDU’S LAWYER HAD SUGGESTION OF SETTLEMENT :View Orignal part 1part 2 - ‌View Transcript  
21-Jul-1914: REFUTES STORIES OF HINDU LEADERS :‌ View Orignal - View Transcript  
21-Jul-1914: MAKE COMPLAINT OF HINDU CONDITIONS : ‌View Orignal - View Transcript  
21-Jul-1914: COMMENDABLE BRAVERY :‌View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
22-Jul-1914: Smoke Is Rising from the Maru To Leave at Five a.m. Tomorrow : View Orignal part 1, part 2, pic 1pic 2 -  View Transcript  
22-Jul-1914: ‘TWAS A BIG DAY ON THE INLET WATERS YESTERDAY :‌ View Orignal part 1,part 2 - View Transcript  
22-Jul-1914: STEVEN’S RELATES STORY OF DAY’S CONFERENCES : ‌View Orignal part 1part 2View Transcript  
22-Jul-1914: A WEARISOME BUSINESS : View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 -‌ View Transcript  
23-Jul-1914: MARU SLIPS OUT OF HARBOR AT THE HOUR SET :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2, ‌‌part 3, part 4 -  View Transcript  
08-Aug-1914: VEILED THREAT IS MADE BY HINDUS :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
10-Aug-1914: HINDUS ARE REALLYING TO EMPIRE’S DEFENCE :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
12-Aug-1914: JAPANESE AND HINDUS READY :‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
14-Aug-1914: DAVICHAND SENT UP FOR TRIAL :‌ View OrignalView Transcript  
29-Aug-1914: ENTHUSIASM OF INDIAN TROOPS :‌ View Orignal -‌View Transcript  
01-Sep-1914: HINDU FOUND DEAD WITH THROAT CUT : View Original -‌ View Transcript  
03-Sep-1914: THREE MYSTERIES CONFRONT POLICE :‌ View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
04-Sep-1914: ARGAN SINGH IS SHOT IN THROAT : View Orignal part 1part 2 - ‌View Transcript  
07-Sep-1914: A HINDU TRAGEDY :‌View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2 - View Transcript  
09-Sep-1914: Army of Sikhs is on Fighting Line : 09-Sep-1914 O- Army of Sikhs is on Fighting LineView Orignal -‌ View Transcript  

21-Oct-1914: RAM SINGH WAS ACQUITTED BY JURY : View Orignal -View Transcript

21-Oct-1914: W. C. HOPKINSON WAS KILLED BY HINDU THIS MORNING : View Orignal part 1, ‌part 2, ‌part 3, October 21, 1914 II O4- W. C. HOPKINSON WAS KILLED BY HINDU THIS MORNINGpart 4 -‌View Transcript  
22-Oct-1914: INSPECTOR HOPKINSON : 22-Oct-1914 O1- INSPECTOR HOPKINSONView Orignal part 1,‌ part 2- ‌View Transcript  
23-Oct-1914: INDICT MEWA SINGH : 23-Oct-1914 O- INDICT MEWA SINGHView Orignal - 23-Oct-1914 T- INDICT MEWA SINGHView Transcript  
27-Oct-1914: DETAILS OF THAT KOMAGATA RIOT : 27-Oct-1914 O1- DETAILS OF THAT KOMAGATA RIOTView Orignal part 1, part 2 - 27-Oct-1914 T- DETAILS OF THAT KOMAGATA RIOTView Transcript  
30-Jan-1915: KOMAGATA TROUBLE MAKERS BUSY STILL:‌ View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
03-Feb-1915: Seven Komagata Sikhs Are Sentenced to Death :‌ View Orignal - View Transcript  
18-Feb-1915: HINDU SOLDIERS IN REVOLT AT SINGAPORE :‌ View Orignal - View Transcript  
20-Feb-1915: HINDU MUTINY IN SINGAPORE QUELLED :‌View Orignal -‌ View Transcript  
24-Feb-1915: MUTINOUS INDIANS AND GERMANS KILLED :‌ View OrignalView Transcript  
19-Mar-1915: FEUD RENEWED IN HINDU COLONY :‌ View Orignal - ‌View Transcript  
14-Apr-1915: SIKH WAS KILLED BY EXPLOSION AT NIGHT :‌ View Orignal part 1,‌ part 2, pic -‌ View Transcript  
30-Oct-1915: HINDU WINS AGAINST KOMAGATA COMMITTEE : View Orignal - View Transcript  



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