Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair

2019 Awards

Divisional Awards Special Awards Grand Awards

Divisional Awards

Participants from grades 7 through 12 are eligible to compete for the Divisional Awards. Gold, silver, bronze and recognition ribbons will be awarded to the overall best entries in each age category.

In addition, all entries to the Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair are eligible for Provincial Awards. The British Columbia Provincial Awards Program is administered by the Science Fair Foundation BC and is available to all participants of British Columbia Regional Science Fairs. Learn more about Provincial Awards >

Special Awards sponsored by our generous Award Sponsors may be judged by representatives from the organization sponsoring the award, or judging teams assigned to the Special Award, depending on the award. These prizes include scientific apparatus, merchandise, scholarships and cash awards. See the List of Special Awards >

The top Regional Science Fair entries will be awarded the Grand Award: an expense-paid spot on Team FVRSF to the Canada-Wide Science Fair, a week-long event held in a different Canadian city each year. Learn More about Team FVRSF>

Special Awards

*Please note that awards are subject to change

Abacus Dental Centre - $75 x 2

To be awarded to an innovative project involving the health sciences, and open to any student from Grade 4-12.

Abbotsford-Mission Nature Club - $100 | $75

To be awarded to two projects which best illustrate the club's motto, "To Know Nature and to Keep it Worth Knowing."

Abbotsford Principals and Vice-Principals' Association - Grades K-5: $50 | Grades 6-8: $75 | Grades 9-12: $75

To be awarded to projects that show the best use of data analysis.

Abbotsford/Sumas Rotary Club - 5 x $200

To be awarded to a project that demonstrates originality, innovation and understanding of the scientific method.

Al Appleton Award (WorksafeBC) - $100

To be awarded at each British Columbia Regional Science Fair to the best project demonstrating the principles of occupational hygiene. The student(s) must have consulted with people in the community or region about the content of their project. The student(s) must show creativity, innovation and enthusiasm in the display of the project.

BC Agriculture in the Classroom Award (BC Agriculture in the Classroom) - $65

To be awarded to an outstanding project that shows the practical application of scientific principles to agriculture. Students from Grades 5 to 12 are eligible for the award.

BC Game Developers Innovation Award - Grades 7-8: $50 | Grades 9-10: $100 | Grades 11-12: $150

Blackbird Interactive | Code Name Entertainment | DigiBC | East Side Games | Electronic Arts | Finger Food Studios | Hyper Hippo Game Studio | Kinematic Soup | Klei Entertainment

To be awarded to the student(s) whose project demonstrates creativity and innovation in computer science, mathematics, engineering, or astronomy. The award encourages the participation of women, First Nations, and others traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields.

BC Greenhouse Growers' Award (BC Greenhouse Growers' Association) - $75

To be awarded to an outstanding project that demonstrates the creative use of advanced science and technology to enhance vegetable plant productivity and quality. Projects eligible for this award include those in the area of biological pest control, irrigation, nutrition, growing media, climate control and mechanics. Available to Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver and South Fraser Regional Science Fairs only.

BC Hydro Power Pioneers Award (BC Hydro) - $100 and perpetual trophy

To be awarded to a student(s) in Grades 4 to 12 who creates a project which creatively demonstrates electrical conservation and its environmental, social and economical impacts.

BC Nature Award (BC Nature Federation of BC Naturatlists) - Grades 6-8: $75 | Grades 9-12: $75

To be awarded at each British Columbia Regional Science Fair to the best natural history project done by a student(s) in Grades 6-8 (junior) and Grades 9 to 12 (senior). This includes studies of any aspect of natural history, conservation of natural habitats and/or natural species. An outdoor, nature monitoring or conservation project is strongly encouraged.

BC Science Teachers' Award (BC Science Teachers' Association) - $100

To be awarded to a student from grades 7 or 8 for an experimental project in any category that has clearly presented an hypothesis and independent, controlled variables.

BC Young Farmers - 2 x $75

To be awarded to any innovative project dealing with agriculture.

BCIC Young Innovator Scholarship (BC Innovation Council) - Minimum $2,000

To be awarded to a Grade 11 or 12 student(s) who has developed a science and technology innovation with the potential to benefit British Columbia. The winner(s) must be selected for CWSF 2018 and to receive the award, he/she must enrol at a British Columbia post-secondary institution in one of the following programs immediately following grade 12 graduation: Science | Technology | Engineering | Mathematics | Digital Arts+Media+Design | Business Entrepreneurship. All required forms and documentation must be submitted within the deadlines stated, no exceptions.

Dasmesh Punjabi School Award - Grades K-5: 2 x $25 | Grades 6-8: 2 x $50 | Grades 9-12­: 2 x $75

To be awarded to outstanding projects showing interest, innovations, or technology used for agriculture.

DAWEG Award (Division for the Advancement of Women in Engineering and Geoscience) - $50 (Junior) | $50 (Senior)

To be awarded to a female student or a partnership that has at least one female on their team and who presents and communicates an ingenious solution to an engineering or applied science problem/project by applying their knowledge of science and math. If one year there is not a female student participating in the Regional Science Fair, the award will be deferred to the next year.

Engineers & Geoscientists of BC Award - (Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia) - $50 x 2

To be awarded to outstanding engineering projects. Projects eligible for this award include those in the field of chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, industrial and mechanical engineering as well as systems design.

Expert Agriculture Team Ltd. Award - $50

To be awarded to an outstanding agricultural project. This includes, but not limited to, food, plant based, sustainability, food security, agriculture land reserve, urban/rural conflict or agriculture policy. The project should relate to Canada and be scientifically precise in its approach.

FVRSF Innovation - $50

To be awarded to project designed by a student in Grade 4-12.

FVRSF Math - $50

To be awarded to any project from Grades 4-12 that is either purely mathematical or makes use of math.

Genome BC Award (Genome BC) - $100 x 2

To be awarded to two projects dealing with a topic of genomic interest. Students in all grades are eligible for this award.

Genome BC Scholarship Award Nomination (Genome BC) - $1,000 Scholarship for Post-Secondary Education

To be awarded to a Grade 11 or 12 student who has developed a science and technology project focused on areas of strategic importance such as human health, forestry, fisheries, agriculture, bioenergy, mining, and the environment. Awarded to a student pursuing a science degree in British Columbia. The award winner will be required to submit proof of enrolment at a postsecondary institution in BC.

IQ Engineering Award - Grades K-8: $50 | Grades 9-12: $100

To be awarded to the top project related to any field of engineering or applied science. This includes, but is not limited to, studies in the areas of structural engineering, environmental engineering, electrical and engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical or biological engineering.

Langley Environmental Partners Society - $50

To be awarded to a student in Grade 9-12 for a project that fosters environmental stewardship, greener living, energy efficiency, watershed issues, etc.

Major S. Sangha & Dalip S. Rai Bursary - Grades K-5: 1 x $50 | Grades 6-8: 1 x $50

Awarded to an elementary and middle school student for an innovative study in any category.

Michael Crooks Physics Prize (BC Association of Physics Teachers) - $75

To be awarded to a student or students in Grades 6 to 12 who has done an outstanding physics-related project.

Science World - Class Field Trip to Science World

To be awarded to an elementary class participating in the FVRSF. One visit and school program for class of 30 and one free adult with every 5 students.(cost of transportation not included). Trip must be taken before the end of the current school year.

SCWIST Award (Society for Canadian Women in Science & Technology) Award - $100

To be awarded to a young woman, preferably in Grades 8 to 10, whose project shows the greatest curiosity, ingenuity, and innovation in design. The award is intended to encourage the student's interest in science. A student may not receive this award more than once.

UFV Biology Award - Grades 9-12­: 2 x $75 | Grades K-8 1 x $50

To be awarded to a project on any topic applicable to the study of biology.

UFV Dean of Science Award - $100

To be awarded to an outstanding project in any area of the sciences.

UFV Entrance Scholarship - $4,000 towards tuition

UFV's Board of Governors is offering $2,000 towards tuition in the first semester (Fall) and $2,000 towards tution in the second semester (Winter), subject to successful completion of the first semester, for a top senior student (Grade 11 or 12). In the case of a two person project, the tution waiver will be shared.

W.E. Coates Award (Canadian Land Reclamation Association BC Chapter) - $200

To be awarded to an outstanding junior or intermediate project related to land, aquatic or marine environment reclamation and/or rehabilitation.

Grand Awards

Students from grades 7-12 with outstanding projects are awarded a unique opportunity to represent the Fraser Valley Region at the week-long Canada Wide Science Fair which is held in a different Canadian city each year. This national stage enables Team FVRSF to meet like-minded peers and professionals in science and engineering from across the country. Find out more >

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