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Senate student candidate statements

Jassu Parmar

As a current member of the UFV Senate, I bring a unique student perspective to our academic governance. My commitment extends beyond policy discussions to ethical decision-making, fairness, and integrity. I stand for what's right, even when it's not the popular choice, to ensure that our academic environment is just, inclusive, and favourable to the growth of every individual. Together, let's make UFV a place where academic excellence and progressive values coexist.

Jay Sandhu

Hi! My name is Jay. I am a second-year student majoring in psychology, and I am currently serving as a Student senator at the university for the year 2023-24. As a proud member of the university community, I would like to continue representing student interests on the senate. Serving on the senate, two senate committees and a youth committee for the Fraser health care foundation has provided me with valuable insights and I am eager to work collaboratively with students, faculty, and administrators to address the needs of our ever-growing community. I am eager to continue representing your interests on the senate and I am confident that with your support, we can make an enriching and inclusive university environment for all.

Khushi Shah

My name is Khushi and being an admirer of language, hues, and melodies, the subject of government draws me in. I hope to be a creative force on your committee, contributing poems of wisdom. Every policy and choice is a blank canvas ready to be filled in with the vivid colours of creativity and the expressive language of advancement. My urge to contribute is fueled by my love of poetry, art, and public speaking, which I hope will bring some inventiveness to our group's goal. Let's create an idea tapestry in which each decision is a verse in the symphony of change, and every voice is a brushstroke. Let's collaborate to create a more optimistic future for our community.

Lauren Palmer

I have spent many years attending meetings for various organizations, and as a professional meeting-goer, I hope to bring my knowledge and experience to UFV Senate. My time as a member of other boards and committees has taught me how to prepare for meetings so that I can be involved in discussions and make informed decisions. I value the time and effort that goes into creating and revising policies that will affect the education of UFV students, and I would ensure a student voice was represented while still acting in the best interest of the university.

Mohammad Afeef Alam

Students usually have a lot on their plates already in aspects of balancing academics with other areas of life. Thus, students should be provided with the best environment necessary for their growth and should not have to worry about sub-par policies. This is where I come into the picture, bringing a whole new perspective of thinking outside the box where it really matters and striving to always act in the best interests of my fellow students. I assure you that I am the most capable person for this position. This claim is facilitated by my years of previous experience on the Student Council. I also possess all the prerequisite soft skills required for this position. If I am not in the know-how of something, I don't shy aways from going outside my comfort zone to become better.

Thank you for considering my candidacy, looking forward to be on the committee!

Pavandeeep Judge


My name is Pavandeep Judge and I am re-running for senate this year. As a current senator, I have had the privilege of serving our student body, and I am committed to continuing this journey by seeking re-election. My dedication to representing student interests and advocating for positive change within our university community drives my desire to remain in this role. My experience has equipped me with a deep understanding of the complexities of university governance and the importance of fostering collaboration. I have demonstrated leadership, integrity, and a willingness to listen to differing perspectives, qualities that I will continue to bring to the Senate if re-elected. Together, we can create a university environment that empowers all students to thrive academically, socially, and personally.

I humbly ask for your support and your vote. Together, let us continue to build a brighter future for our university community. Thank you!

Shervin Arayaee Azar

My name is Shervin, I'm a biology major and I'm planning to run for re-election to the senate for the 2024-2025 year. My interests are working out, playing video games, and watching movies. The reason I am re-running is that I believe that the senate needs a student voice. I believe that I've shared my perspective to the best of my ability and have influenced policymaking at UFV also to represent the interests of the students who make this university as wonderful as it is. My main concerns this coming term will be to get more meaningful decisions done quicker and to make sure that student voices are heard in the upcoming policies that will be made!

I will try my best to represent every UFV student from every demographic as best as possible and keep the students' and university's interest at heart!

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