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Get involved to have the full university experience

Were you thinking of getting some volunteer/leadership experience while studying at UFV? Getting involved with the UFV Board of Governors or the Senate can be one of the greatest, most rewarding experiences you will have while you are studying at UFV. If you have a passion for community and student engagement, interest in problem solving, critical thinking, communications, and leadership, these positions are for you.

Five great reasons why you should put your name forward
  1. Have a voice and an impact on what happens at UFV
  2. Gain networking opportunities and meet potential employers
  3. It's great for your professional portfolio and resume
  4. Receive practical experience and skills
  5. Learn how governing bodies work - from an insider's perspective
The call for nominations is now closed

Andrew Stahl and Harsimran Gill have been nominated for the two student positions on the Board of Governors for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Eligibility to nominate, vote and stand for election:

UFV students who are presently enrolled at UFV in a least one credit course shall be eligible to nominate, stand for election and vote. For the purpose of Board elections, student nominees and student nominators must be members of the Student Union Society, which means students have paid SUS fees.

More details on eligibility are included the Board and Senate election procedures and on the nomination form.

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Board of Governors is the highest governing body of the university. The management, administration, and control of the property, revenue, business, and affairs of the university are vested in the Board.

Senate is the academic governing body at UFV which is responsible for policies concerning academic matters and advising the Board on policies of mutual interest.

There are two student positions for the UFV Board and 4 student positions for Senate. 

The process to run for elections is very simple. There is a call for nominations which is posted around all UFV campuses and also on myufv announcements. Student representatives are appointed for a one-year term. If you are appointed there is usually an orientation session where new members are introduced to their roles and responsibilities.

The Board of Governors usually meets once every month (usually the first Thursday of every month) and it is usually around 4-5 hours long. The Senate also meets once a month (usually on a Friday afternoon). The amazing experience you gain makes it worth your time.

  • Regular attendance is expected of all members
  • All members are required to prepare adequately for meetings and to participate actively in the decision-making at meetings
  • Stuednt members of the Board and Senate will bring the perspective of students but will not advocate on behalf of students
  • Each member has a responsibility first and foremost to act in the best interests of the university and must make decisions as a member of the Board or Senate and not as a member of any particular constituency
  • The member(s) from Senate and the Board receiving the most votes will be asked to serve on the Student Union Society (SUS) Board
  • For more information on the roles and responsibilities, see the Board Bylaws and Senate Bylaws

A former UFV student's experience

I served as a student rep on the Board of Governors. It’s been such an amazing experience to have served on both Board and Senate. I have learned so much about the policies and decision-making processes that guide a large organization like UFV. This is a great opportunity to learn leadership skills and to network with student leaders, faculty, staff, and also out community leaders. Leadership skills will greatly affect the career you choose to aspire and the university is a great place to develop those necessary skills and discover your qualities.

Yes! Through my term for both BOG and Senate, I have been blessed with the opportunity of being in the presence of exceptional and effective leaders which has motivated me even further to engage in leadership roles. It is very easy to get involved and you will get full time support from the university and members of the BOG and Senate. Campus involvement can add so much to your education experience, and there are so many opportunities out there that are just waiting for you to join in! Being a student rep on either BOG or Senate is one of them. I believe that leadership is an important aspect of an individual because most career opportunism looks for those with experience who has taken initiative.

I got the opportunity to serve on subcommittees like the Vice President Search Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, and the Board Nominating Committee. I got the honour of laying the wreath on behalf of UFV in Hope for the Remembrance Day ceremony. I also went on a two day Board retreat in Vancouver and I look forward to attending the AUCC (Association of Colleges and Universities) undergraduate studies conference in Halifax in March with the UFV President and Vice President. These are just a few of the other great things that I got to experience and learned in just half a year of being on the BOG.

This is my last year at UFV and for me; it’s what I did outside of the classroom that made my year here memorable. It has been my honour serving you as the student representative, and I would highly encourage you to apply. As I continue my journey into the real world I will take with me the valuable leadership skills that UFV has taught me all these years. Leadership is an ongoing part of life and I hope to take on leadership roles in my profession. Leaders aren’t born, they’re made! Don’t be hesitant to run in elections. Be the next student leader on the UFV Board of Governors or Senate. It’s a decision you will never regret, especially in today’s competitive world where leadership experience will distinguish you from the next person.

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