What are Supported Learning Groups?

Wouldn't it be helpful to meet new people in your classes that you could study with?  SLG gives you that opportunity and the sessions are free!  The sessions are located right on campus.

The leaders are trained students at UFV that have previously taken the course and have done very well.  They attend lectures every week with you and can answer any questions about the material. They help you study by providing study tools like worksheets and practice quizes.  See if your class is offered in the SLG schedule this semester and come to a session!

"SLG has improved my overall understanding of the course material and my grades." (Fall 2015 Student)

Who We Are

SLG leaders are students who have taken the course and have done well. 

Leaders attend training sessions to develop skills to facilitate SLG group sessions (student leaders are paid for training as well as for preparing
/conducting weekly sessions and attending the targeted course lecture). 

‌The focus is on helping students "learn to learn" the material most effectively using proven study techniques.

"Sessions are very useful as I get to vocalize my thoughts & logic with my peers to solve problems." (Winter 2016 Student)


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