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Smoke-free UFV

Smoke-free UFV

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On October 1, 2018, UFV is going smoke-free. All UFV campuses, centres, and grounds will become smoke-free environments.

Smoking and vaping will be prohibited across all campuses and properties. The smoke-free policy will apply to students, administration, staff, faculty, and visitors to UFV and includes private vehicles on university property.

Going smoke-free reflects UFV’s continuing commitment to promoting the health and well-being of our entire university community. UFV realizes this change poses a challenge for smokers and will support faculty, staff, and students who may wish to stop smoking. 

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns. 

Benefits of a smoke-free environment

  • Campus environment — everyone deserves to breathe clean air where they work, study, play, and live
  • Health — tobacco use is fatal to 50% of long-term users according to Health Canada and second-hand smoke is toxic, containing 170 toxic substances
  • Climate change — tobacco smoke contains carbon dioxide and methane gasses and tobacco production results in 20-50 million trees being cut down globally
  • The global environment — cigarette butts are a visual pollutant, are not biodegradable, and contain 43 cancer-causing agents that may leach into the environment

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