Centre for Social Research

Centre for Social Research

Mission statement

The Centre for Social Research (CSR) contributes to an understanding of local, regional and international issues. CSR is founded on the principles of social justice, emphasizing community relevance and evidence-based policy initiatives that create positive social change. The Centre for Social Research provides a forum for interdisciplinary research, digital humanities collaborations and collegial discussions, and a stimulating environment for training/mentoring students. It develops, maintains, and strengthens linkages to inform and contribute to a greater understanding of communities and society.

Researchers connected to the CSR highlight areas including:

  • Community, regional, and global development
  • Health, safety, and security
  • Decolonization and reconciliation
  • Environmental justice
  • Public policy and planning

What could the Centre for Social Research do for you?

The Centre for Social Research provides an inclusive environment for faculty and student researchers from a wide variety of disciplines. You  can:

  • meet with research colleagues
  • kickstart interdisciplinary research projects
  • highlight your social research projects
  • feature student social research projects
  • hold research meet-ups
  • engage in a research writing session
  • receive peer review (using the fly-on-the-wall technique)
  • develop mentoring partnerships
  • market your social research events
  • partner with other UFV efforts
  • demonstrate your affiliations to research funders

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