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Student Life Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Student Life and Student Union Society?
Student Life is a department of UFV. The Student Union Society is a non-profit organization that operates in close cooperation with, but independent of the University. SUS is the sole official representative of the student body. They collect fees and disburse them back to students, in this case in the form of funding for clubs and associations. The Student Union Society is also responsible for distributing the U-Pass to UFV registered students.

Work study positions

All UFV Student Life work study positions are available through CareerLink. Work study positions will be posted on CareerLink from the first day of classes of each semester until the positions are filled. Learn more...

Our work-study positions include Engagement Assistants, Co-Curricular Record Assistant, Orientation Assistant, Creative Visual Assistant, Standout Magazine Assistant, and Communications Assistant. These are excellent opportunitiesto get involved with Student Life, build student community on campus, and develop your leadership skills.

How do I keep up with events happening on campus?
Follow us at: and 
Log in to myCampusLife and keep yourself in the loop!

What amenities are available at the Chilliwack office?
The Chilliwack office maintains a kitchen (including dishes, fridge, microwave, coffee maker, kettle) and a student lounge with tv, couches, tables and chairs. The lounge space is always available to all students and therefore it cannot be booked for specific groups. The student lounge is located on level zero, room number A0014 at Canada Education Park.

What is a Student Life Ambassador?
Student Life Ambassadors are the heart and soul of Student Life at UFV. They are enthusiastic volunteers that go out of their way to help welcome new students to UFV while being proud representatives of our university. During New Student Orientation, ambassadors are responsible for touring new students around campus and answering questions as part of a student panel as well as in casual conversations with new members to our community.

How do I become an Ambassador?
Each spring, Student Life recruits students to become Ambassador. The following criteria must be met if you would like to become a UFV Ambassador:

  • Be a current UFV Student or Alumni
  • Be motivated
  • Be committed to a minimum of 10 hours per semester
  • Attend one two- hour training session per semester
  • Email with your contact information and availability for NSO and training

For more information, visit the Student Life Ambassador webpage.

How can I build my leadership skills?
There are many opportunities through Student Life and other areas on campus to build your leadership skills.
UFV Connects Mentor 
Leadership Training
International Student Leaders
Positions on Senate
Positions on Board of Governors
Positions on Student Union Society
Residence Assistants
Supported Learning Group Leaders

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