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Get practical experience

You gain hands-on experience working in all areas of theatre, from house manager, to lead actor, to costume dresser, to props designer.

Join a supportive community

Learn in an enjoyable atmosphere of students and faculty who challenge you academically and artistically.

Set the stage for success

Graduate with an array of skills that employers—both inside and outside the arts—demand and that are essential for our knowledge economy that values collaboration, creative problem solving, communication skills, and flexibility.

Theatre doesn’t only teach you about theatre—how to read a script, hang lights, or stage manage a production—it also gives you transferable skills that prepare you for careers in a number of fields. For example, an acting class not only teaches you how to win every time you play charades, it also teaches you how to listen actively and effectively, to improvise in social situations, to perform in front of an audience (whether in a theatre, a meeting room, or a sales pitch), and to place yourself in another person's shoes empathizing with people whose situations are different from your own.

Theatre students typically pursue careers in the creative and performing arts, and in education, although many of our students also find satisfying work in diverse fields, including criminal justice, health care, and business.

Calling all UFV students!


Ghosting of Sumas Lake

Performers and backstage crew members are needed for the UFV Theatre Fall 2022 production

Ghosting of Sumas Lake, directed by Dr. Michelle La Flamme.

Do you miss performing on a stage in front of a live audience? Are you curious about creating a performance from the stage floor up? Director Michelle La Flamme, Theatre Professional and English Professor, will be employing the techniques of Forum Theatre, movement, and improvisation to create this exciting piece of theatre.

Register in one of the courses below and receive practicum credit! Develop your acting skills as a performer or gain practical experience by working backstage as a crew member.

-THEA 290GG/THEA 291 Performance opportunities

-THEA 295GG 299 /399/499 Backstage/Production/Technical Theatre opportunities

Fall semester registration begins on June 20, 2022. Classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1:00 to 3:50 pm, in D105, starting in September 2022.

UFV students who have been impacted by the floods, and/or are living a story about the impact of the November 2021 Sumas Prairie floods, are invited to participate in creating the Fall performance, under the direction of Dr. Michelle La Flamme. We are seeking students who wish to explore their stories through creative and embodied processes, and techniques of Forum Theatre.  If you have a non-verbal story, you are also welcome to use movement as a means to investigate and honour your story. 

If you enjoy dynamic theatre games, are holding a story about the impact of the floods that needs space to breathe, have a desire to delve into the body through image-making, if you are interested in working from body to dialogue, if you get very engaged in improvisation, if you want to join others to build a series of scenes that relate to the human crisis at the center of the experience of the floods, then we invite you to be part of this unique workshop/performance! 

A keen interest in workshopping from your own source is essential for this Fall show.  Improvisation will be a foundational component throughout this workshop and we will be developing the show in the style of Forum theatre.


For questions contact Interim Production Coordinator:

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