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Get practical experience

You gain hands-on experience working in all areas of theatre, from house manager, to lead actor, to costume dresser, to props designer.

Join a supportive community

Learn in an enjoyable atmosphere of students and faculty who challenge you academically and artistically.

Set the stage for success

Graduate with an array of skills that employers—both inside and outside the arts—demand and that are essential for our knowledge economy that values collaboration, creative problem solving, communication skills, and flexibility.

Theatre doesn’t only teach you about theatre—how to read a script, hang lights, or stage manage a production—it also gives you transferable skills that prepare you for careers in a number of fields. For example, an acting class not only teaches you how to win every time you play charades, it also teaches you how to listen actively and effectively, to improvise in social situations, to perform in front of an audience (whether in a theatre, a meeting room, or a sales pitch), and to place yourself in another person's shoes empathizing with people whose situations are different from your own.

Theatre students typically pursue careers in the creative and performing arts, and in education, although many of our students also find satisfying work in diverse fields, including criminal justice, health care, and business.


UFV Theatre mainstage production for fall 2021 will be a full-production of various short Climate Change Theatre Action 2021 plays! Our guest director is Elaine Avila, and performances will take place between November 17-27.

The Climate Change Theatre Action 2021 is a global distributed theatre festival, and the theme for this year is “Envisioning a Global Green New Deal”. The production will be a selection of the 51 short plays written by renown playwrights for this festival.

UFV Theatre is excited to offer students the opportunity to engage with these amazing, relevant works, and create an exciting performance!

We invite a wide-range of UFV students interested in creating and engaging in Climate Change Theatre to join us. You do not need to be a Theatre major or minor, or have any previous Theatre experience. For the cast, we are assembling an ensemble (a group of actors to work together), rather than auditioning for individual roles.

As with all mainstage productions, students taking part as cast or crew must register* for a course and will receive academic credit for their practicum work, through one of THEA290, THEA291, THEA295, THEA299, THEA399, or THEA499.

*Registration requires departmental permission. 

Learn more our guest director Elaine Avila Bio


--For Cast:  you must register for one of: THEA290 (1 credit), or THEA291 (3 credit)

Rehearsal Times are: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays: 5:30-8:20pm, Saturdays 10am-2:20pm

Additional required times include Technical Rehearsal and Production week times in November.


--For Production Crew:  you must register for one of: THEA295 (1 credit) ,or THEA299 (3 credit)

Or, for one of these Upper-level courses: THEA399 (4credit), or THEA499 (4 credit)

Production Practicum meeting times are: Tuesdays and Fridays: 1-5:20pm

Additional required times include Technical Rehearsal and Production week times in November.

If you would like more information about how you can participate or to get permission to register, please contact 





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