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Get practical experience

You gain hands-on experience working in all areas of theatre, from house manager, to lead actor, to costume dresser, to props designer.

Join a supportive community

Learn in an enjoyable atmosphere of students and faculty who challenge you academically and artistically.

Set the stage for success

Graduate with an array of skills that employers—both inside and outside the arts—demand and that are essential for our knowledge economy that values collaboration, creative problem solving, communication skills, and flexibility.

Theatre doesn’t only teach you about theatre—how to read a script, hang lights, or stage manage a production—it also gives you transferable skills that prepare you for careers in a number of fields. For example, an acting class not only teaches you how to win every time you play charades, it also teaches you how to listen actively and effectively, to improvise in social situations, to perform in front of an audience (whether in a theatre, a meeting room, or a sales pitch), and to place yourself in another person's shoes empathizing with people whose situations are different from your own.

Theatre students typically pursue careers in the creative and performing arts, and in education, although many of our students also find satisfying work in diverse fields, including criminal justice, health care, and business.




Pericles by William Shakespeare

Directed by Anna Griffith

March 23rd to April 2nd, 2022

* Performances will take place between: evening shows curtain at 7 pm and call time at 5:30 pm, matinee shows curtain at 2 pm and call time at 12:30 pm. The exact dates and times will be published with the production schedule.

Our adaptation of Pericles examines the ways relationships propel us—tearing us down, lifting us, or changing our course. We explore this through movement, creating a gestural language that communicates the unsaid. Motifs of choreography and song are also used to connect the characters across space and time. The sea plays a prominent role as its movements bring characters together but also rips them apart, evoking a central image of billowing sails against a cacophony of muted ocean blues. Our production will tell the story of Pericles through physical theatre but also through graphic novel projections that draw stylistic inspiration from Drew Weing’s “Set to Sea” and Andrew Donkin’s “Illegal.” Set on the shores of an ocean, the minimalist set allows for non-realistic and symbolic representations of time and location. Our version of Pericles is a story spun from the sea that highlights themes of interconnection. 


Tuesday, November 2, 1 pm – 4 pm D121

Thursday, November 4, 4:30-7:30pm D121


What to Prepare:

Everyone auditioning will be required to learn two short, preselected monologues from the script. Please see Heather Robertson, or stop by D113. She will provide you with copies of the monologues you can choose from.

Read the full announcement on our opportunites page 


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