Workshop Participants Needed


Written and Directed by Des Hale

What is intimacy? How do we relate to each other physically and emotionally? In what ways does intimacy shape our identities, and how do our identities shape our relationship with intimacy? Exploring these questions is the aim of Intimacy, a queer-focused, devised performance project.

The first part of this project is a series of workshops and interviews where participants are invited to tell their stories, share their experiences, and voice their thoughts on what intimacy means to them.

The discussions and interviews will be what the Intimacy script is based on. Participating in the workshops is a chance to explore your identity in a safe and encouraging environment. The workshops are open to everyone (UFV affiliated or not).  Please note that participating in the interviews is separate from participating in the performance. Workshop and interview material will be gathered for the purpose of creating a scripted performance to be produced in front of an audience.   Some of what is shared in the discussions may be implemented as part of that script.

Workshops will be held on October 12th, 16th, 19th, 23rd, 26th, and 30th from 4-6pm; D115 on UFV Abbotsford campus (D Building). Workshops are independent of one another, so attendance to all is not necessary. If you would like to participate but are unable to attend, or if you would prefer a private interview, please contact Des Hale at or on Facebook @ufvintimacy to arrange a time.




Problem Child by George F. Walker

Directed by Raïna von Waldenburg

March 7th – 17th, 2018

* Performances will take place between March 7 and 17, 2018. The exact dates and times will be published on, or before, Thursday November 9, 2017

This dark comedy tells the story of Denise, a former drug addict and sex worker, and R.J., a current television addict and ex-con, as they struggle to get their baby out of the system and back into their arms. Standing in their way are Helen, a by-the-book social worker, one dramatic event, and some very bad decisions. And then there's Phillie, who works in the motel. Walker straddles the line between comedy, desperation, and anger to depict this “fiercely struggling family in a dysfunctional world.”

*see character descriptions below


1 - 4, Friday October 20

Prepare: A monologue of at least 1-2 minutes in length. Please consider the style of the show in choosing your monologue. Monologues from the script are welcome and encouraged.  

Call Backs

1 - 4, Friday October 27

Callbacks will involve readings of scenes and some small group/pair work.

To Book An Audition

Contact: to request an audition. Please specify if you have a time preference.

Location: Abbotsford Campus, room number D105.

Please dress in comfortable clothes that will allow you to move. Those auditioning will be asked to fill out an audition form on the day of the audition, outlining previous performance experience and training as well as work, school, and personal schedule between January and March. While all members of the community are welcome to audition, please note that casting priority is given to those enrolled in UFV’s theatre program. UFV students participating as actors in main stage productions will receive a 290 practicum credit for their participation.

To Work Backstage

Students may also choose to sign up for backstage or front of house roles and receive 299/399/499 practicum credits. The department cannot mount shows without students participating backstage. Backstage positions include; designing (lights, sound, projections, set, and / or costume), stage managing, lighting and sound operators, costume dressers, running crew, and make-up and hair assistants. We are aiming to have all backstage positions filled by mid-November. To request a positon, or if you have a question, please contact Leigh Kerr at


Character Descriptions 


  • Married to Denise
  • Has been in prison
  • Mother is dead
  • Trying to be part of his new community
  • Trying hard to impress the social worker Helen


  • Married to R.J., one child with him – Christine
  • Housewife
  • Has been on drugs and did some tricks (prostitute)
  • Suffers badly since Christine is gone
  • Bought a gun to shoot her mother


  • Social worker
  • Has to find out more about the couple
  • Is against Denise’s life style
  • Gets buried alive


  • Works in the Motel in the main office and also cleans
  • Is a drinker
  • Trying to help them, even if he´d become a criminal through his acts

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