Working with Multilingual Learners

Classroom Practices:
Interaction, discussion and group work


Many multilingual learners come from classrooms in which the instructor does all the talking. The concept of "participation" is completely new to them. They are not used to class discussion, being asked to give their opinions instead of copying, asking questions in class, or to working collaboratively on team projects.

Facilitating group work and class discussion tips

Video #1

This video contains strategies that can be used to demonstrate the purpose and value of class discussion to multilingual learners and encourage them to contribute their perspectives and ideas in class.

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Video #2

This video from Thompson Rivers University shows a classroom scenario in which an instructor presents a group project and students begin brainstorming in their teams, but it is clear that problems are developing in the groups early on. After watching the video, reflect on or discuss the questions below:

  • What problems did you notice?
  • What was the instructor’s role during this activity?
  • What could the instructor have done to address or prevent any of the problems you noticed?

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Video #3 - Managing group work

The second part of this video provides some cultural background information to explain some of the issues observed in the first part. This is followed by another look at the same scenario, but the instructor handles it quite differently this time around. 

After you watch the video, reflect on or discuss these two questions:

  1. What did the instructor do this time that prevented some of the problems you observed in the first video?
  2. Would you use a similar strategy to form groups in your classroom?‌

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Additional resources

DISC personality approach

If you are interested in the instructor's DISC personality approach, check out the links below for personality quizzes and personality styles descriptions:

Communication styles inventory

This handout is an inventory and explanation of the personality types and will help with communicating effectively with others who have differerent personality types:

Concept mapping

This classroom activity can be used to generate ideas, integrate course content, evaluate content and resources to prepare for a presentation or written assignment, or as a form of classroom assessment.  It provides an opportunity for meaningful dialogue and collaboration in the classroom:

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