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UFV has more than 40 generous donors who give to the United Way. And many have been donors for decades. Through this campaign, or at any time during the year, you can choose to give once, or sign up for ongoing payroll donationsJoin us! 


Ian gives to the United Way

At UFV, we implicitly understand and contribute to the social objective of an educated society. But there are many in our community that we do not reach. The United Way funds services in support of less fortunate individuals and families in our community who are in some way challenged and in need.  For some, this support hopefully brings further education within their reach. My contribution to the United Way is an expression of my hope for those in our community who we could have as students but don’t because their more basic needs have not yet been met.

  • – Ian McAskill
  •    Associate Professor, Economics

Michelle gives to the United Way

My family loves to give to United Way because the work United Way does makes a big impact in Fraser Valley communities. They keep their donors in the loop with updates of how giving has helped make a difference in the lives of local families, and plan fun events so we can meet other donors. UFV makes giving easy with a paycheque deduction option. 

  • – Michelle Vandepol
  •    Hope Centre Coordinator

Gayle gives to the United Way

The United Way is a foundation of our community, uniting for change to build a stronger, more inclusive and caring community. The stability of United Way fosters long term, positive impact towards the well-being and lives of all members of one's local community. They connect to many grassroot organizations who do essential work for seniors, provide opportunities for youth, children, families and underrepresented groups within our city.

I have been a donor, a campaign coordinator and volunteer throughout my working career, and never hesitate each year to give.

While I do designate some organizations close to my heart, I also believe that the United Way knows the community pulse and how do channel gifts for the greatest impact. I believe that no matter the breadth of the gift, together the amounts will grow allowing the organizations to continue impacting individual lives and keep our community vibrant and healthy. And I trust the United Way funded programs.

Being a donor to the United Way expresses my commitment to the place where I live, and an investment to its future.

  • – Gayle Ramsden
  •    Learning Strategist, Academic Success Centre

Thank you to all of our generous donors.

Together, we can make a difference! Please help improve lives locally. 

Give today!

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