Visual Arts

Fees and costs

Credit Courses
Course numbers 100-400
Tuition/credit $142.20
Ancillary fee/credit1 $14.22

Experiential Learning &

3-credit $477.78
4-credit $637.04


Visual Arts specific fees

In addition to tuition fees, courses in Visual Arts programs may require you to purchase materials and supplies for hands-on learning. The figures below are estimates and will vary by project, your instructor's requirements, and how you choose to purchase your supplies.

Visual arts studio fees
Studio disciplineCost per course
New media $25-100
Painting and drawing $150-200
Photography $150
*Not including cost of 35mm manual SLR camera
Print media $150-200
Sculpture $150-200
Art history Cost of field trips

UFV's environment enabled me to have confidence in my artistic skills. Without inhibitions, my potential felt unbounded. UFV was the launching pad for my career as a visual effects artist in film. 

  • – Eduardo Dioses
  •    BFA Alumni
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