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Academic Success Centre

Become a peer tutor

Our hiring for the Fall 2024 semester has started! 

What is a peer tutor?

As a student peer tutor, you work in face-to-face and online environments to answer other students' questions about their academic work and help them learn more effectively. You also provide support to your ASC supervisor as needed during regularly scheduled working hours.

What qualifications are needed to become a peer tutor?

To become a peer tutor, you'll need to:

  • have a GPA/CGPA of at least 3.0
  • In order to verify this, we look at student transcripts. These documents are kept confidential and used only by the ASC leadership team to check this requirement.
  • be a 3rd or 4th year or a graduate student
  • Students in their 1st or 2nd year of studies who also have a degree or diploma completed are welcome to apply.

What are the benefits of becoming a peer tutor?


Make lifelong connections

  • Get collegial support from your Admin Team
  • Collaborate with other smart students
  • Join the Academic Integrity Mentors to offer wider support


Develop your skills

  • Receive professional training
  • Share your expertise with others


Bulk up your resume

  • Get strong references for career and ongoing studies
  • Build your resume with opportunities to take part in events & panels
  • Record your work experience into your Experiential Learning Student Profile


Enjoy a flexible work environment

  • Have regular, predictable hours that fit your semester calendar
  • Work some of your hours online
  • Choose which campus location works best for your schedule


Earn while you study

  • Plan your finances & time with confidence
  • Receive regular pay raises


Get awards & perks

  • Receive access to a secure office space & plenty of resources (relax in a comfy chair with coffee or tea)
  • Be eligible for prestigious Student Leader prizes
  • Attend UFV Peer Leader recognition dinners

Your primary responsibilities as a peer tutor

  • Guide other students toward a deeper understanding of their coursework and assignments
  • Suggest and model appropriate study strategies
  • Keep records of each tutoring session
  • Respect confidentiality of student information and ASC resources
  • Have a commitment to excellence in all interactions with staff and students
  • Provide support to the ASC Supervisor as needed during scheduled working hours

Peer Tutors are not expected to teach specific coursework, to write or edit other students’ work, to assist with take-home exams, or to know everything about everything.

Additional responsibilities

In addition to your primary responsibilities, you will be assigned to work in a secondary role to support the work of the Academic Success Centre. These roles could include:

  • Researching, revising and/or writing resource material
  • Creating and posting content on the ASC social media channels and analyzing impact
  • Creating signage, posters, images, video, etc to promote ASC events and services
  • Providing guidance to UFV students about matters relating to academic integrity
  • Designing and delivering workshops and informal presentations on topics to support the work of the ASC and students at UFV

These roles will be assigned to individual tutors after discussion with the ASC Coordinator to determine a good fit with the tutor’s skill set and interests.


  • A 3rd or 4th year or a graduate student (Students in their 1st or 2nd year of studies who also have a degree or diploma completed are also welcome to apply.)
  • A GPA of at least 3.0
  • Exemplary writing skills
  • A solid understanding of at least one type of citation style
  • Awareness of laws and UFV regulations around copyright infringement and plagiarism
  • Comfortable using online tools, such as Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
  • Strong inter-personal and communication skills
  • A desire to help other students succeed
  • Enrolled as a student in UFV courses throughout the semester of hire
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada

Preference will be given to candidates willing to work on both CEP and Abbotsford campuses

Rewards of the position

Tutoring is a challenging job, but it is one that is very satisfying and that can be just as beneficial to the tutor as it is to the tutee. Apart from being a valuable resume-building endeavour, peer tutoring can help you become a stronger student yourself. Explaining information to others can help strengthen your own understanding and knowledge. It can hone your communication skills and boost your confidence and leadership ability. Being a peer tutor can help you see the learning process from a new perspective, which can give you greater empathy for other learners.

Being part of the team at the Academic Success Centre will give you opportunities to foster collegial relationships with other tutors, faculty, and staff. Above all, you will have the satisfaction of helping others achieve their academic goals.

Pay and benefits

  • Minimum wage with % in lieu of benefits
  • Record your work experience into your Experiential Learning Student Profile
  • Possibility of the position being renewed for subsequent semesters
  • Semester-long schedule (minimum of six hours per week) that works within your availability as a student

Mandatory training

Students hired for the Peer Tutor positions undergo mandatory paid training prior to meeting with student tutees.

Additional training will be completed over the course of the semester; this will generally comprise an additional 6-8 hours of online work, regular participation in the Peer Tutor Blackboard environment, and occasional team meetings.

How do I apply to become a peer tutor?

The ASC Peer Tutor program runs year-round. You can fill out the application form at any time during the semester if you are interested in joining the student peer tutor team.


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