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Academic Success Centre

Book an individual tutoring appointment

[Please note that from June 30 to Sept. 6, 2023, the ASC CEP location will not have tutoring sessions; online and Abbotsford tutoring is available.]

Working with a tutor is a great way to get ahead in your studies. Book an in-person (Abbotsford or Chilliwack) or an online (Blackboard Collaborate) appointment with an ASC tutor if you need help with:

  • understanding course content
  • preparing for quizzes and exams
  • developing essays and other written work (including citation styles)
  • applying strong study skills


ASC peer tutors are UFV students

The tutors at the Academic Success Centre are UFV students, just like you. They've been hired and trained as tutors because they are outstanding students and because they have specific skills and knowledge that enable them to help other students succeed in their academic work.


They come from many academic disciplines

Whether you are looking for help understanding the content of your Psychology course, interpreting the instructions for an essay in English or History, reviewing the process for one of your Chemistry or Biology labs, preparing for an exam in a Kinesiology course, or simply connecting with another student who understands the stresses a university student experiences, we have someone who can help.

When you book an appointment you'll see which tutors can tutor in which subject areas.


They are skilled writers and communicators

Most students come to the ASC for help with their written work, so we always have tutors who are excellent writers themselves and who have excelled at their own academic writing projects at UFV. We give them additional training so they can be prepared for almost any situation a tutee brings to them.


They can tutor in many different languages

Punjabi, Hindi, Korean, Urdu, Vietnamese, Kannada, Tonkani, Tulu, Marathi — these are some of the languages our tutors are fluent in. We can also help you with conversational French and Japanese.

When you book an appointment you'll see which tutors can tutor in which languages.


They are part of a larger ASC team

The tutors and the ASC admin team work together closely to identify, develop, and provide the services and resources that will assist you towards your academic goals. If the tutor you contact is not a specialist in the content or skill you want help with, they will know who to connect you with so that you do get that help.

How do tutoring appointments work?

  • Scheduled appointments are 15 to 45 minutes long with a maximum of one per day. However, if you need another appointment AND there is an open appointment spot, we will try to accommodate your request.
  • At our Abbotsford location, we have a private office space in addition to our main tutoring room. If your session is on a sensitive topic or if you would feel more confident working away from others, after booking your appointment, please email to request that your appointment be in a private room.
  • To make the most of your appointment, please bring your instructor’s guidelines and a printed copy of your assignment.



  • ASC tutors offer advice that can apply to your own work; they do not create content or edit/proofread extensively. Their goal is always to help you develop and refine skills that you can use beyond the immediate consultation.
  • Tutors at the Academic Success Centre cannot provide support during or about your exams.


How to book an appointment?

There are two ways to book an appointment with one of the ASC tutors or Learning Strategists: 

  1. Use the link above (Book a Tutor) to go directly to our appointment booking page: Select the location you would like for the tutoring appointment (Abbotsford, Chilliwack, or Online). You will then see a list of tutors and their areas of specialty; choose one to see their availability.
  1. Email us at and we'll set up an appointment for you.
  2. Note: Appointments requested by email are monitored during regular office hours (Mon-Fri 8:30 am-4:30 pm). Please make sure that your email message includes your name, student number, phone number, and details of your request or question; we prefer that you book using your UFV student email address.

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