Centre for Accessibility Services

Centre for Accessibility Services

The Centre for Accessibility Services (CAS) represents UFV’s commitment to enhancing and facilitating the support of students with disabilities.

CAS provides information on accessibility and disability issues to UFV students, staff, faculty, and the larger community. We focus on the impact that disabilities have on the educational experience, and our approach aims to celebrate the enrichment that people with disabilities bring to UFV.

The University of the Fraser Valley is an academic community that values diversity and seeks to promote meaningful access to educational opportunity for all of its students. The Centre for Accessibility Services operates as the central contact point for students with disabilities at UFV. Our office focuses on providing accommodations and services to help meet academic demands, while promoting student responsibility and self-advocacy.

The Centre for Accessibility Services operates under the guiding principles of:

  • Student centeredness
  • Transparency
  • Inclusivity
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Self-advocacy

For more information on the official UFV policy on academic accommodations, please read Accommodation of Students with Disabilities (PDF format).

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