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Accessibility Committee

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Purpose of the Accessibility Committee

The Accessibility Committee ("the AC") provides advice to the UFV Accessible British Columbia Act Steering Committee ("the ABCASC") on identifying, removing, preventing, and eliminating barriers to individuals in or interacting with, the organization. The committee plays a vital role in helping UFV become a more accessible community, in dismantling ableism, and in fulfilling its obligations under the Act.  


Role of the Accessibility Committee

  1. Provide insight on the Accessibility Plan and on a mechanism for public feedback on accessibility in accordance with the Act.
  2. Review data that provides information on accessibility barriers that staff, students, and visitors experience or may experience while interacting with UFV.
  3. Consider and share any insights around feedback that UFV has received about the Accessibility Plan and/or the public feedback mechanisms.
  4. Serve as a resource on issues received from public feedback related to accessibility.
  5. Share information on best practices and innovations on accessibility issues.
  6. Promote accessibility at UFV.
  7. As requested, provide advice or support to the ABCASC in respect of any other aspect of the implementation of the Act.


Composition of the Accessibility Committee

The strength of the Accessibility Committee is in its emphasis on prioritizing the voices of those who personally experience accessibility challenges and/or barriers and those who support individuals who experience accessibility challenges and/or barriers. It is also in the diversity of its membership which, to the extent that it is possible, will reflect the diversity of those who work, engage, and learn at UFV. As such, the experiences members bring and the identities they claim are assets to this work.

The AC consists of a maximum of 15 members as follows:


  • ABCASC member

Ex officio voting members

  • Human Resources Advisor, Health & Disability Management
  • Human Rights Advisor, Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Human Rights
  • Manager, the Centre for Accessibility Services, or designate
  • Workplace TASK (Training in Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge) Coordinator, or designate
  • At least one Indigenous member

Voting members

  • At least two UFV employees who personally experience accessibility challenges and/or barriers
  • At least two students presently enrolled at UFV in a credit course who personally experience accessibility challenges and/or barriers
  • Additional members who support those who experience accessibility challenges and/or barriers

To the extent possible, membership is determined in accordance with the principles in Section 9 of the Act.

UFV employees shall have two-year terms, with the potential for renewal. This does not apply to ex officio voting members. Student members shall have a one-year term, with potential for renewal. 


Chair and Vice Chair

A Chair will be appointed by and is a member of the ABCASC and a Vice Chair will be elected or acclaimed by the Accessibility Committee at the first meeting of the term. The Vice-Chair will serve for one year, with potential for renewal. The Chair and Vice-Chair will work with the committee support person to establish and circulate the agendas for the meetings.  


Meetings and proceedings

The AC will meet monthly or as needed to fulfill its duties. Meetings may take place in person or virtually. Minutes or notes will be taken at the meetings and will be circulated prior to the next meeting.

The AC will operate by majority vote and make recommendations to the ABCASC.



The AC may establish subcommittees, comprised of AC members, to explore specific issues related to the Accessibility Plan and/or other responsibilities.


Accessibility Committee Terms of Reference


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