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Accessible UFV

Actions taken

To date, UFV has taken the following actions in response to the Act:

Creation of an Accessible BC Act Steering Committee

In response to the September 2023 timeline, UFV created an Accessible BC Act Steering Committee ("the ABCASC") to lead the institutional response. The purpose of the Committee is to provide advice to the Provost to help UFV become a more accessible community and fulfill its obligations under the Accessible British Columbia Act.

Creation of the Terms of Reference for an Accessibility Committee

The Steering Committee has developed terms of reference for UFV’s Accessibility Committee ("the AC") based on leading practices identified by the Disability Alliance of BC.  It has also finalized communication and processes related to establishing the AC early in Fall 2023. The purpose of the AC is to provide advice to the Steering Committee on identifying, removing, preventing, and eliminating barriers to individuals in or interacting with the organization.  The AC plays a vital role in helping UFV become a more accessible community, in dismantling ableism, and in fulfilling its obligations under the Act.

Development of a feedback mechanism

The Act requires that a process be established for receiving comments from the internal community and the broader public on the organization’s accessibility Plan and barriers to individuals in or interacting with the organization.  

This website has been launched to provide information and resources about accessibility and options for individuals to provide feedback about accessibility at UFV. Feedback will also inform future accessibility plans. 

We all play a role in fostering an inclusive work and learning environment. All feedback and suggestions from faculty, staff, students, and visitors to UFV are welcomed as we work together to continuously identify, remove, and prevent barriers to accessibility.


Since 2022, Audrey Ackah, General Counsel, and Sundeep Hans, Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, have been informing various stakeholders at UFV on the Accessible British Columbia Act and how it will impact UFV. They presented at a Provost "Lunch and Learn", Administrative Council (Admin-Co), Teaching and Learning Accessibility Advisory Committee, and at the 2023 Accessibility Awareness Event. 

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