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Accessible UFV

Accessibility resources

Teaching & Learning Centre

Teaching and Learning provides leadership, support, and resources to advance evidence-based teaching and learning practices and scholarship at UFV. Their goal is to assist faculty in developing meaningful learning experiences for UFV students. 

Centre for Accessibility Services

The Centre for Accessibility Services provides academic accommodations and services that support student success.

Human Resources

UFV is committed to providing employees with a safe and healthy work environment. The Early Intervention Support Program is available to facilitate appropriate and customized return to work and medical accommodation programs for employees with occupational and non-occupational disabilities.

UFV Policies

Resources within the community

Accessible BC Act

The full text of the Accessible British Columbia Act, including principles, requirements, and standards.

Disability Alliance of BC

Offers services and programs to support people, with all disabilities, to live with dignity and independence and as equal and full participants in the community.

(Non-BSL version) Accessibility vs Inclusion by Celebrating Disability

Three-minute video from Celebrating Disability.

2023 Accessibility Series

Accessibility Bites is a five-part series on digital accessibility within educational settings. Hosted by BCcampus on the last Thursday of every month from September 2023 to February 2024, topics will include assistive technologies, image descriptions, PowerPoint slides, social media, and Word documents.

Purposeful Steps Away From Ableism (TEDx Talk video)

Presenter Alyson Seale. "Imagine a world without sexism, racism and ageism, an amazing place where we embrace each other’s gifts and proudly claim all of our identities. Ableism is a hidden ‘isms’ embedded in society—a belief in the superiority of typical able bodies/able minds over bodies/minds falling outside our definition of normal. What if we deconstruct the binary able/disabled and construct differences of body/mind as part of our beautifully diverse human continuum? How would that look? Where do we even start? Let’s not get theoretical—let’s get real. By purposefully examining ableism, we can take action improving our society."

Calendar of Disabilities (Word document)

The Disability Calendar features dates dedicated to raising awareness and celebrating the diverse experiences and achievements of individuals with disabilities. Throughout the year, the Disability Calendar features recognized dates, fostering celebration, understanding, and inclusivity. 

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