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Centre for Education and Research on Aging

Centre for Education and Research on Aging

The Centre for Education and Research on Aging (CERA) was launched at UFV in 2006 with the goal of facilitating a collaborative process between educators, researchers, practitioners, students, older people and caregivers in the Fraser Valley to learn more about the issues surrounding the aging process.

The centre promotes gerontological research and educational programs at UFV and in senior communities in the Fraser Valley. It serves as a source of information about aging for UFV students and the broader community.

CERA Spotlight 

‌Join UFV Trishaw Rides as a pilot! All pilots will receive bike training. The bike is electric-assist but takes some getting used to. Additionally, CERA Director, Dr. Shelley Canning, will host a workshop on working with older adults living with dementia. 
If you're interested in building intergenerational relationships, getting active, and helping older adults enjoy the outdoors, sign up to start making a difference.

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CERA Podcast

"It's cool to feel like I can see the window of nursing research and what it looks like. It can be more clinically based or really people-focused, but it kind of intersects because it is tying in sociology and other areas, but it’s still nursing."

Rosaley Klassen, Nursing

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