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Centre for Education and Research on Aging


All members of the Centre for Education and Research on Aging (CERA) are actively engaged in research. In keeping with the Strategic Research Plan 2016-2021, CERA research projects:

  • Provide opportunities for students to learn about and engage in the research process. Students are encouraged and supported to participate in academic and professional conferences to share their research; paid research assistantships may also be available.
  • Involve community engagement (research projects have regional relevance).
  • Are multidisciplinary and collaborative. CERA members have diverse academic and professional backgrounds, enhancing the richness of research collaborations.


Addressing the complexity of aging through collaborative research

The Centre for Education and Research on Aging plays an important role in linking individuals and groups with similar educational and research interests and needs. CERA's goals are to:

  • Encourage collaboration within the UFV community and among communities in the Fraser Valley region, by providing education and research that enhances current practices related to aging.
  • Promote UFV as a regional resource for gerontological education and research.
  • Facilitate the ongoing exchange of information about the aging process between UFV and communities in the region.


“In CERA, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dr. Lesley Jessiman. I’d always had an interest on the social aspects of aging. I remember being in Lesley’s classroom (Adulthood and Aging) and realizing I could do research on this. It was almost a perfect fit.” 


-Larissa Kowalski

UFV grad, Sociology with a concentration in Social Research and extended minor in Psychology.

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