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Centre for Education and Research on Aging

UFV aging courses

Students interested in studying gerontology have the option of choosing courses within the faculties of psychology, human services, nursing, or practical nursing.


PSYC 357 Adulthood and Aging

Considers human development from young adulthood to old age. Included are theories of adult development and aging; environmental and biological factors in aging; and the effects of aging on sensation, perception, learning, cognition, personality, psychopathology, and social relations.

PSYC 493A & PSYC 493B Directed Studies

This is an independent reading and research in topics course, selected in consultation with a supervising instructor.

Human services

HSER 160 Introduction to Gerontology

A multi-disciplinary introduction to the concept of aging in our society. Explores the impact on individual functioning and adjustment of such factors as cognition, personality, health and physical change, economic and vocational status, and social relationships and status.

HSER 261 Social Policy and Issues on Aging

This course will explore Canadian social policy on aging, both on a federal and provincial level. Topics include the impact of the social security system, mandatory retirement, the economic situation of the elderly, and other income maintenance schemes. Also included are a survey of services available for the aging population as well as social attitudes towards aging.

HSER 264 Workshop Series in Aging — Current Developments in Caring for the Elderly

This course will consist of a group of 10 to 14 different workshops presented by experts in the field. Topics will vary from year to year and students should consult the director for an exact list.


NURS 104 Health and Wellness: Aging

In this course, health, environment, and person will be explored with a focus on the aging adult. Family as context, community, and population health will be introduced.

NURS 490 Directed Studies in Nursing

Students who have a special interest in a nursing topic area not offered through identified core curriculum may request to do a directed study under the supervision of a faculty member.

Practical nursing

PNUR 150 Health Promotion II

This course focuses on health promotion as it relates to the aging process. Health promotion activities are aimed at supporting clients in maintaining their health. The concepts of health promotion, physical and mental wellness, normal aging changes, and continued independence are examined.

PNUR 151 Variations in Health II

This course focuses on pathophysiology as it relates to the aging process and selected chronic illness. The main focus is on the care of the older adult experiencing a health challenge. Cultural diversity in healing practices will be explored as well as evidence informed research and practice.


“In CERA, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dr. Lesley Jessiman. I’d always had an interest on the social aspects of aging. I remember being in Lesley’s classroom (Adulthood and Aging) and realizing I could do research on this. It was almost a perfect fit.” 


-Larissa Kowalski

UFV grad, Sociology with a concentration in Social Research and extended minor in Psychology.

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