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Centre for Education and Research on Aging

Current research projects


Personal memories of a global pandemic

What do you remember about the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic? UFV researchers, Dr. Andrea Hughes and Dr. Lesley Jessiman, are conducting a study to examine how young and older adults recall the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, they would like to know if people of different ages recall that time period differently and whether different demographics affect how one recalls the early days of the pandemic. By conducting this research we hope to learn how people’s memory is affected by their individual circumstances during the pandemic.   

Your input would be very much appreciated! If you are interested in participating in this research, please click on the link below to learn more.   

This study is intended only for adults age 19 or older.  Participation in this study is completely voluntary and all responses to the survey are anonymous.

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Is altered muscle activation in knee osteoarthritis associated with balance and proproceptive deficits and instability? 

In this study, we want to find out if there are relationships between muscle activation patterns that are shown to predict knee osteoarthritis progression and balance, perceived instability, and a decreased ability to know what position the knee joint is in. This research has implications for future non-surgical interventions aimed at slowing disease progression.

Research Team: Dr. Gillian Hatfield and Jagmeet Gill

Dr. Gillian Hatfield

Understanding student perceptions to support education promoting aging & dementia awareness 

This interdisciplinary, community engaged study explores perceptions of ageing and dementia across 4 grade levels (grades 1, 4, 7, and 12) through arts-based data including student drawings, poetry, and reflective narratives. Additionally, education modules focused on age and dementia will be designed and implemented with the grade 4 students. Knowledge mobilization will include an art exhibit featuring the arts-based data to celebrate International Day of the Older Person on Oct 1, 2022.

Research Team: Dr. Shelley Canning, Dr. Candace Couse, Elise St-Martin (school district #34), Nicole Cusick and Rose Klassen 


Elder Abuse

This study explores perceptions and identifications of elder abuse. The initial study found participants could readily identify incidents of elder physical abuse but were less likely to identify incidents of emotional/psychological abuse and neglect. The second phase of the study is looking at the factors that influence mis-identification of abuse, namely the relationship between the perpetrator and the abuse victim as well as the age of the observer/participant. 

Dr. Lesley Jessiman


Elders and new media

This study explores how older adults adjust to the increasingly important role of media and technologies. Interviews have been conducted with older adults exploring their adoption and integration of new technologies. 

Darren Blakeborough


An examination of aging, education and elderspeak

This research project includes 3 related studies: study 1 explores ageist attitudes among undergraduate university students across departments including Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students in both semesters 1 and 7; study 2 examines “elderspeak” or speech styles adopted by younger adults engaged in conversations with older adults; study 3 builds off study 1 by incorporating focus group data to explore ageist attitudes.

Dr. Lesley Jessiman


Children’s Experiences of an Intergenerational Dance Programme: A Follow Up Study 

This is a follow up to a previous study. (The Impact of Participating in an Intergenerational Dance Therapy Program on Elders in Residential Care and School Children Participants). The goal of this study is to explore the attitudes and understandings of the original school-aged participants with respect to ageing and dementia over time. 

Research Team: Dr. Shelley Canning, Darren Blakeborough, Nicole Cusick

Dr. Shelley Canning


“In CERA, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Dr. Lesley Jessiman. I’d always had an interest on the social aspects of aging. I remember being in Lesley’s classroom (Adulthood and Aging) and realizing I could do research on this. It was almost a perfect fit.” 


-Larissa Kowalski

UFV grad, Sociology with a concentration in Social Research and extended minor in Psychology.

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