If you need a pre-class pick-me-up or an after class treat, we have a wide variety of vending on campus to supplement our Food Services offerings. Cold beverages, coffee, and snacks are situated throughout the University to provide a convenient solution to your cravings. 

Students, faculty and staff can expect the following in vending:

  • Variety and convenience
  • 35% of our offerings are Healthy Options compliant
  • Fair Trade Coffee - 100% by 2014
  • All Coke Branded drinks (PowerAde, Minute made, Monster, Dasani water, Vitamin water)


Ancillary Services' ATMs are located in the following areas:

Abbotsford Campus (click here for map):

  • Building A, second floor (300-level), in the Atrium (above the Road Runner Cafe)
  • Building B, first floor, outside of the Cafeteria
  • Envision Athletic Centre

Chilliwack CEP Campus (click here for map):

  • Building A, first floor, in the Atrium (beside Starbucks)

Chilliwack, TTC Campus (click here for map):

  • In the main hall, near the cafeteria and the bookstore



Vending Machines: If the vending machine does not provide the correct change back, and the amount is $5 or under, please visit the Bookstore for a refund. If the amount owed is over $5 please contact Ryan Vending directly and they will send a refund cheque in the mail. 1-877-311-7171.

ATMs: If money is not dispensed, please come into the Bookstore to report the issue. Bookstore staff will contact the supplier on your behalf, and the ATM supplier will issue a refund. The bookstore is unable to give ATM refunds to students.

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