Sponsored Students

If you have an organization that is paying the cost of your textbooks and/or supplies directly to UFV, the Bookstore can help in gathering the items needed and billing the sponsoring organization. 

We suggest you contact your sponsor before coming to the Bookstore to confirm they have sent the sponsorship form to the Office of the Registrar and to confirm the amount you can spend. The Bookstore can only process transactions after the sponsorship form has been received and entered in our system.

Employers, First Nations, Government Agencies, other educational institutions & charitable organizations are examples of sponsors.  Grants, bursuries and family members (ie. parents, grandparents etc.) are not considered to be sponsors.   Your sponsor will authorize specific items to be purchase at the Bookstore and the maximum dollar amount spent each semester.  If approved, your purchase will be direclty billed to your sponsor.

Continuing Education students can find more information here including Six Ways to Fund your Education!

Using your Sponsorship Account

Sponsored students are welcome to visit either UFV Bookstore location.  Our staff can review your sponsor account, confirm the amount authorizied and help you find all your course materials.  Upon checkout, the sponsored student is required to show their UFV ID/student number and Government issued ID. 

To save time, sponsored students can complete the below form before visiting the Bookstore.  Our staff will gather your requested course materials and bill your sponsor account in advance.  Within 24 hours, we will send you an email to confirm your order is ready to pick up or if we have any questions.  When you arrive to pick up your order you will be required to supply your UFV student number/ID and Government issued ID.

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