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Bookstore Services

Sponsored Students - How to use your Sponsorship

If you have an organization that is paying the cost of your textbooks and/or supplies directly to UFV, the Bookstore can help in gathering the items needed and billing the sponsoring organization.  Visit Sponsored Students for more information.

Campus Card - Load money onto your Campus Card

You can load money onto your Campus Card at the UFV Bookstore. Your Campus Card is easy to use — add money to your card and print on campus, or buy coffee for a friend. Pre-loaded cards work on a declining balance, like a campus debit card, and the best part, there are no retail transaction fees. It's a great tool to use for budgeting - even your family members can load your card.

Visit Campus Card

UFV Parking - Purchase a Parking Pass

Purchase your UFV parking pass at the UFV Bookstore. Available in: 

  • Daily
  • Semester
  • Employee
  • Student
  • Carpool

Visit UFV Parking

Bike Lockers - Rent a Locker

Bike lockers are available for rent on the Abbotsford and Chilliwack CEP campuses. To rent a bike locker, please fill out a Bike locker rental form and take it to the Abbotsford or Chilliwack CEP Bookstore.

Bike lockers cost $5 per month and a $20 deposit is required.

Abbotsford Bike Locker Locations:

  • Located between buildings B and D
  • Located next to building A east (Library)

Chilliwack CEP Bike Locker Location:

  • Located by Building A, near the entrance to the CEP Library

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