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Certified Dental Assistant

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Dental labs

About Our Dental Facilities

The dental clinic includes:

  • 12 dental units* to practice all the necessary skills to become a competent CDA.

*dental units consist of a dental chair and all the necessary equipment, materials, and supplies required to perform various dental procedures on mannequins as well as select procedures on clients

  • 3 fully equipped dental radiography rooms for learning about and practicing the dental radiography technique including both traditional and digital x-rays. Students initially practice on mannequins followed by public clients.
  • A darkroom for developing radiographs (aka x-rays)
  • A dental reception area

CDA students have the opportunity to learn reception skills, including utilization of the EXAN dental software program. Public client clinics are held in April and May of each year during which time the CDA students will book clients providing them with realistic learning experiences.

The dental Lab:

  • Consists of 16 work stations for pouring up impressions and performing other lab work
  • Students have access to all lab supplies required to complete tasks required of a CDA
  • Houses student drawers to store lab work in progress
  • Is a “smart” lab and facilitates instruction via video and powerpoint.

The sterilization room:

Is a very spacious area carefully designed to comply with Infection Control Standards and Protocols. With up-to-date equipment (ie. Hydrim, Lisa sterilizer, Statim autoclave etc.) students have an opportunity to practice and demonstrate high standards of infection control processes.

The low student / dental chair ratio facilitates ample opportunity to practice the dental assisting skills required to be an outstanding CDA. Instructors are readily available to facilitate learning opportunities throughout the week and find that students excel because of the hours of clinical practice available to them.

The trimming room:

Is equipped with 6 model trimmers (used to trim tooth models) and a few vacuum adapters for making sports guards.

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