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Community Engagement

Community Engagement

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Relationship and Fund Development
Alumni Engagement team

Building awareness, experiences, and relationships

Community Engagement builds UFV’s reputation and relationships with stakeholders and communities, in support of university goals.

Core responsibilities include brand strategy, marketing and brand experience, advertising and sponsorship, communications and public relations, alumni engagement, relationship and fund development (fundraising and ‘friend’raising), website management, institutional events, and government relations. 

The department is also the primary liaison and support to the UFV Alumni Association.


We build awareness, great experiences and lasting relationships that foster understanding, engagement, advocacy and funding to support UFV's success.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Enhance and protect the university’s reputation.

  2. Attract prospective students and support student retention in accordance with UFV’s strategic enrolment goals.

  3. Foster donor relationships and partnerships to increase giving to UFV aligned with UFV goals and priorities.

  4. Partner with the UFV Alumni Association to engage every alumni through their time, talent or treasure.

  5. Support our people, culture and work environment.

  6. Streamline operations; promote and use best practices.

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