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Community Engagement

Request a video shoot

The Communications team provides limited concise video services specifically focused on strategic promotional and marketing initiatives. This form is meant as a starting point to asses if a project is within our scope, capacity, or to help direct you to the resources needed.

If your video request is for a promotional or marketing purpose, please fill in the form below and a copy will be sent to Mitch Huttema in Communications. You will also receive a copy of your request.

Guidance for the Process of Video Production:

  1. Complete the following Video Project Request Form for your proposed video or series. Once complete, click on the Submit button below.
  2. After your request has been submitted the Communications Team will review your request to determine if it meets UFV strategic goals and values and is within our capacity to produce.
  3. Once the proposal is approved, the content will be reviewed, a pre-production meeting will be set up to discuss details (i.e. talent, location, deadlines, etc.) and a production timeline will be established.
  4. Once the shoot and edit process is complete, a draft will be sent to you for review and final approval. Partners will be given two opportunities to submit revisions.

Please provide as much advance notice for your video project as possible so that we can dedicate adequate time to each project. Typically, two to four weeks is adequate time depending on the scope of the project.