Data Analysis post-baccalaureate certificate

Fees & costs

Domestic tuition: post-degree certificates
Data Analysis (27 credits) $134.00 per credit (plus applicable ancillary fees*)

* ancillary fees are $13.40 a credit

International tuition: Post-degree & Graduate programs
CredentialTuition for full-length program
Data Analysis post-baccalaureate certificate (DAC)*

$645 per credit (program is 27-30 credits)

Increasing to $665 per credit for Fall 2020

Program Evaluation post-graduate certificate* $9,350
Master of Social Work* $25,000 (program is 30 credits)
Master of Arts degree in Criminal Justice* $25,000 (program is 32-33 credits)

* Applicable ancillary and student fees, international administration fee and medical fee not included

Post-degree students can review their letter of acceptance to find the tuition fee amount that is due to secure their seat at UFV.

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