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Global Development Studies

Global Development Studies

Territorial acknowledgement

The UFV Global Development Studies Department is situated on Stó:lō Téméxw, the traditional and ancestral territory of the Stó:lō peoples that they have stewarded since time began. We express our gratitude and respect for the honour of serving, studying, working, and living on these beautiful lands.

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Begin shaping a sustainable future

Housed in the School of Social Justice and Global Stewardship (SoJust), Global Development Studies is an interdisciplinary program that explores the complexities of global development, providing a comprehensive understanding of the factors that shape our world. Through practical frameworks, fieldwork, and critical analysis, students tackle pressing challenges like poverty, inequality, sustainability, and social justice. The program equips students with the knowledge and skills to drive positive global change by embracing diverse perspectives and innovative approaches.



Interdisciplinary approach

Analyze the origins and interconnections of global development issues using diverse interdisciplinary approaches.


Promote social justice

Address social injustices by engaging in debates, fostering dialogue, taking meaningful action, and advocating for fair and equitable solutions.


Broadened perspectives

Integrate self-reflexivity, intercultural awareness, ethical considerations, and critical analysis into development practices. Enrich your perspectives by delving into diverse global contexts.