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Institutional Research and Planning

Campus Snapshot

This qualitative study represents perceptions of students regarding the campus environment and campus life at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV). Part of what prompted us to conduct this study is that we just passed the 10th anniversary of a similar study our department conducted. The results of the 2007 study were shared and generated discussion and interest from both within and outside the university. Currently, UFV is again considering adding to its footprint, making a campus environment study timely and relevant.

Similar to the 2007 Campus Snaphot Study‌, the 2018 Study addresses three goals:

To gain an understanding of student perceptions of UFV’s environment and campus lifeTo engage students in the development of their campusTo create a dialogue between policy makers and students

Using reflexive photography (also referred to as photovoice) as the means of data collection, this study encourages participants to integrate within their surroundings, through photographing and journaling, issues that are significant to them.

2019 Campus Snapshot