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Institutional Research and Planning

Business Intelligence gateway

Internal portal
Public portal

BI gateway is only accessible within UFV network. Users must have authorized Novell ID to login to the Internal portal. 

Business Intelligence Gateway

The BI gateway is a tool that provides timely information to the UFV community that is:

  • Accurate
  • Transparent
  • Relevant to a wide variety of users

Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) is committed to supporting and contributing to the Strategic Plan‌ and goals. A key goal within the UFV Strategic Plan is to be innovative, entrepreneurial and accountable. 

The Business Intelligence initiative provides UFV with opportunities to:

  • Base planning and decisions on evidence
  • Measure progress made toward achieving plans and targets
  • Compare performance across instructional areas and institutions
  • Allow us to recognize and publicize our successes
  • Increase the institution's ability to provide innovative solutions to achieve goals

IRP is collaborating with other groups including academic areas, Finance, UFV International and the Office of the Registrar in this initiative.

If you require access to the Internal portal, please have your supervisor email, or use this email for any further inquiries.