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Window film

How to request window film

Fill out a general work request (under Type of work, select Window film).

Click here for a sample of the Window Film Proof.


Facilities Management has developed this window film guideline to preserve UFV’s professional image, project a consistent look and message across our campus, and to ensure a secure working and learning environment in which window screening provides a balance of visibility and privacy.


Graphic standards

Graphics and film colour will be consistent across all campuses. Window film is to be translucent, colorless, “frosted”, and non-white. To ensure consistent texture and colour, UFV’s has a prequalified vendor (subject to periodic review). Window film shall be applied using a water-soluble adhesive and must be easily removed.

Window film as signage

Window film as signage will not be permitted, except in special cases where window film lettering will announce a department’s “front-of-house”. If lettering is used, it is to be 5” or 2” size using UFV’s “bliss” font, title case, and is to be limited to the name of the department. Hours of operation, “Welcome to”, way-finding instructions, or additional information about the department will not be permitted as window film.


All UFV logo and brand-related film designs are to conform to the rules of the UFV band as governed by the Marketing & Communications department.


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