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Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies — Bachelor of Arts


Bachelor's degree

4 years

Major, minor

How to apply

Start date:
January, May, September 

Abbotsford campus



  • Practicum provides work experience and industry contacts
  • An innovative colloquium offers an ongoing forum to debate peace and conflict ideas with your peers and professors in a stimulating environment.


The Bachelor of Arts with a major or minor in Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) is an interdisciplinary and applied program that focuses on conflict transformation with a special focus on local indigenous and community content.

In addition to analyzing conflict and peace strategies in the classroom, you learn practical skills and get hands-on experience in conflict transformation and reconciliatory work that promotes equality, justice, and equitable access to and ownership of resources.

The program:

  • teaches the theoretical components of peacebuilding, and applies them to real-world scenarios, thus challenging you to think critically at each stage of analysis, and develop problem-solving skills.
  • empowers you to be proactive global citizens by focusing on positive communication and understanding between cultures.
  • assumes the equality of all human beings and promotes the notion that empathy, equality, and mutual respect foster the optimal conditions for social, intellectual, and personal development.
  • promotes intercultural dialogue in the Fraser Valley and abroad. The core courses bring the diverse peoples of the Fraser Valley into face-to-face dialogue that is centred on conflict and peacebuilding.
  • provides you with in-depth case studies to expand analysis to global contexts. You learn from international peace practitioners, and have the opportunity to develop workplace skills and engage in peacebuilding field work. 
  • focuses on local and global sustainability.

View program outline in the UFV Academic Calendar


Peacebuilding is a relatively new field that is growing rapidly and is characterized by fluid career paths and varied employment opportunities.

When you graduate, you can find work in a wide array of fields, including foreign affairs, international development, peacebuilding, advocacy, humanitarian relief, restorative justice, social entrepreneurship, and more. With substantial field experience and additional education, you can become a senior advisor or a freelance consultant.

To boost your job prospects in international settings, add a specialized qualification to your degree, such as a second language, logistics, urban planning, communications, accounting, nursing, agriculture, or IT. Your Bachelor of Arts with a minor or major in Peace and Conflict Studies can also lead you to further studies in peacebuilding and conflict transformation, or in related areas such as law, policy research, international development, or public administration.


The entrance requirements of the Bachelor of Arts degree will apply to the Peace and Conflict Studies program.

View entrance requirements to the Bachelor of Arts in the UFV Academic Calendar.

Students can declare a major in Peace and Conflict Studies after completion of at least 30 university-level credits (including PACS 100 and PACS 200) with a minimum of 2.33 CGPA on all credits attempted.


This program is open to international students


Students who do not meet the entrance requirements can upgrade in order to meet prerequisites for university classes.

Book an appointment with the Upgrading and University Preparation department to discuss your upgrading needs.


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