Priority Access to Student Supports (PASS)

What Is PASS? 

The Priority Access to Student Supports (PASS) is an online service that enables instructors to identify and assist those students who are at risk of falling behind. Rather than simply "hoping" that students in difficulty will seek help, instructors are able to refer students for timely and targeted support from Student Services or others within the institution.

The system provides early intervention so small problems don’t turn into large problems. PASS connects students to the resources they need, when they need them.

Some typical examples of concerns or problems are:

  • deterioration in quality of work
  • disruptive behaviour in class
  • missed more than one assignment
  • no-show for three or more classes or sessions
  • underdeveloped study skills
  • student underprepared for course rigour
  • appears to be distressed
  • change in demeanour which may include anxiety, aggression, depression or distress
  • does not have materials to work in class
  • comments of concern from other students

Once an instructor checks-off his or her concerns, PASS will generate an email which will be received by the Student Services team. This team consists of members from Counseling, Educational Advising, Disability Resource Centre, and Financial Aid and Awards.

Together with the student, a PASS member identifies resources that could be most helpful.  Whether that means a learning strategies workshop, visiting Financial Aid and Awards or other available supports. Connections are made with the student by email, phone and in-person. Students are also encouraged to speak with their instructor to discuss their concerns. 

How an Instructor Can Make a Referral

Instructors will need access to Faculty Information/Services and their class list at myUFV.  When such access is NOT available then see the Alternate Access below.

  1. Log into myUFV as if you were accessing your class list. 
  2. Select PASS from the Faculty Information or Services menu.  Find the tab at the bottom of the list
  3. Select term and section for the student being referred
  4. Select the student name and complete the relevant information
  5. Add your observations and comments
  6. Submit  

Two Alternate ways to Access to PASS

  1. Faculty who do not enroll a class or who do not have access to a class list via Faculty Services. Follow the steps above and choose “Complete Referral Form”
  2. Faculty who do not have any access to myUFV, may send an email to the PASS Team that includes:
  • Student name and number
  • Course code
  • Section number
  • observations

Sample Course Outline Insert for Instructors

The paragraph in italics below is an example of what can be inserted in the course syllabus or outline; or on the bulletin board for an online course; or it can be used as a statement to the class and/or individual student. 

In order to respect student confidentiality rights and to comply with UFV Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP) practice, students must be informed before they are referred to PASS.

Also, to ensure that students perceive the supports offered as positive in nature, rather than punitive, they should be informed of PASS before a referral is made.  Students need to know the supports and resources offered by PASS could help them progress in their studies at UFV. 

The UFV Priority Access to Student Supports (PASS) program connects students to the supports and resources that may help them to increase their chance of success.  Such assistance may include putting students in touch with an academic advisor, financial aid, a counsellor or another resource.  If your instructor is concerned about your progress, he/she may refer you to PASS. The referral is treated confidentially and is sent because your instructor cares about your progress and success in this course. Your response to PASS is entirely voluntary.  If you do not wish your instructor to make a referral to PASS on your behalf, please let them know by email. For more information see –


If you have any questions about PASS, contact the team at:

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