Visual Arts

Visual Arts

COVID-19 Message from UFV SoCA

Updated November 2020

Dear Students,

Most classes offered in Winter 2021 by the School of Creative Arts will continue to be in a fully online format, with a handful of courses utilizing blended instruction (both online and face-to-face instruction). For those courses that may appear on the Winter timetable as face to face instruction, please note that this is not for all weeks of the semester. In most cases, these face-to-face courses will retain several weeks of online instruction to reduce the amount of campus presence needed. Only when face-to-face delivery is essential to delivering course learning outcomes would you be required to attend studios and labs. As we progress into the new year and semester, information will continue to be updated on the SoCA website with details about face-to-face instruction, materials kits for Visual Arts and Theatre courses, and pre-booking access to SoCA spaces and equipment for students enrolled in online courses.

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Welcome to the Visual Arts Department!

Study in the creative arts yields not only innovative thinking but also cultural and economic benefits to society. Thoughtful visual expression enriches our shared experience—revealing beauty, encouraging inclusion and diversity, and sharpening critical insight. In the Visual Arts area at the UFV School of Creative Arts, we encourage each student to develop their own expressive and analytical abilities, as they prepare for future careers as professional artists, designers, curators, educators, and more.

Our highly-qualified faculty of academics, artists, and designers work collaboratively to offer students a dynamic learning environment in which to study traditional studio arts, new media art, Film Studies, and Art History & Visual Studies. We are proud to be part of a regional university that serves the educational needs of domestic and international students, connecting local communities to global creative cultures.

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