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School of Creative Arts

Submit your portfolio

Which Creative Arts programs require a portfolio submission?

If you apply to one of the three following programs, you'll be required to submit a portfolio with your application: 

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Media Arts
  • Visual Arts diploma

What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is a compilation of work created in various media that reflects your talent, creative process, knowledge, interests, skills, and artistic development. An entry portfolio for a program in fine art, design, or media at UFV includes a personal statement and your "creative portfolio", or work samples of your current creative practice. It is optional to submit a narrative explaining your creative portfolio.

What are the submission deadlines?

Fall intake (September start):

  • Application deadline: April 30
  • Recommended international application deadline: April 1

Winter intake (January start):

  • Application deadline: September 30
  • Recommended international application deadline: September 1

What are the portfolio package requirements?

Personal statement (mandatory)

Tell us what program you are applying for, why you are applying, and what you hope to gain from the program.

Other topics you may wish to cover:

  • how your life experiences have led you to apply to the program
  • any support you might need in order to succeed in a postsecondary creative program.
  • areas of creative practice you are most interested in learning about (e.g. visual art, creative writing, graphic design, performance, film production, animation, gaming, etc).

Submit your personal statement one of two ways:

  • one-page written document
  • video or audio recording (max. 3 minutes)

Creative portfolio (mandatory)

Show us work from your current creative practice in your creative portfolio. Portfolios can include a maximum of:

  • 8 visual pieces
  • 3 minutes of video/audio
  • 6 pages of writing

Examples of what a portfolio could include:

  • Digital images of 2D or 3D pieces (e.g. paintings, drawings, sculpture, collage, print, photography)
  • Documentation of creative process (experimentation, exploration, sketching, storyboarding)
  • Short pieces of creative writing or samples from longer pieces of creative writing
  • Video monologues
  • Videos of storytelling, dance, or physical performance
  • Digital media
  • Film
  • Audio recordings
  • Examples of animation or game design

Note: If you have completed a diploma from the Vancouver Film School, you do not need to submit a portfolio.

Narrative about your portfolio submission (optional)

You are welcome to tell us the stories behind the examples you included in your portfolio or provide any explanation you think will help us understand your creative practice. Submit the narrative as a one-page written document or as a video or audio recording (max. 3 minutes).


Use of Generative AI

Generative AI applications may be used for this portfolio. If used, you must include both a citation of the generative AI tool and a statement:

  • Cite the specific AI tool used, including the date of prompt and text of prompt, as follows:

[Generative AI tool]. (YYYY/MM/DD of prompt). “Text of prompt”. Generated using [Name of Tool.] Website of tool.

  • Explain where/how the AI tool was used in the creative process and where the AI informed material appears in your submitted portfolio [1-3 sentences].

Note: At UFV, the regulations around the use of generative AI in course work are at the discretion of individual instructors. 

How do I submit my portfolio?


Apply to UFV

You must have an active application to one of our programs in order to have your portfolio assessed. If you haven't applied to UFV yet, follow the How to apply steps on the Admissions website.


Submit your portfolio

Submit your portfolio package digitally by the application deadlines through the SlideRoom portal on the UFV website.

Important information about the collection and processing of your personal information

UFV's School of Creative Arts uses SlideRoom, a cloud-based service, to collect, evaluate and store portfolios online. SlideRoom's data is stored in the United States.

When you upload your portfolio materials to SlideRoom, some of your personal information will be collected and stored, including your name and other identifying information. By using SlideRoom, you are consenting to the storage of your personal information and your portfolio materials in the United States.

Specifically, by using SlideRoom, you agree as follows:

  • I consent to the use, disclosure, and storage outside of Canada of my personal information by SlideRoom for the purposes of collecting, evaluating, and storing my online portfolio.
  • This consent is valid from the date I submit my portfolio to SlideRoom and will remain valid until the first day of the semester for which I have applied.

If you choose not to provide your consent, please email to make alternate arrangements.

I am ready to submit my portfolio

How will my portfolio be assessed?

We will assess your application based on the following:

  • Have you shown us that you are already engaged in one or more forms of creative practice?
  • Have you explained why you believe the program is right for you?
  • Have you told us what you hope to learn from the program you are applying for?
  • Have you shown us that you are curious, open to growth, and able to participate in a creative community?



Contact Paula Funk, Academic Advisor at or 604-504-7441, ext. 4722.