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School of Creative Arts

Practicums and internships

As a 3rd or 4th year College of Arts student with 60 credits, you can complete a practicum or internship during your degree program.

Why take a practicum or internship?

These opportunities will help you meet your personal and professional goals, while you develop yourself as a well-rounded and highly employable graduate.

What are my course options?

During your practicum or internship, you will enroll in one of the following credited courses:

  • ARTS 380
  • Other practicum course options: CMNS 412, GDS 210, GDS 310, GDS 311, GDD 498, GDD 499, HIST 401, INCS 390, IPK 402, PACS 391, SOC 396, SOC 398

In order to qualify for a practicum, you must be a registered BA or BIS student and a minimum GPA of 2.67.

Note: We are currently accepting applications for the Reach Gallery Fall 2023 intake. Deadline March 15, 2023.

To review our list of current opportunities and see if there is one that aligns with your interests please visit:

For all practicum opportunities and inquiries please contact: