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Congratulations, you're in!

It all starts now

Congratulations on your offer of admission to UFV for the Fall 2024 semester. We’re so glad you’re here.

On these pages, you’ll find everything you need to plan the next phase of your life at UFV, from programs and registration to campus life, scholarships and more.

This is a huge step. In joining our tight-knit community, you’re setting yourself on a path of growth and exploration. This journey is sure to transform your mind, your life and — most importantly — your world.*


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What is my next step?

First, you'll need to formally accept your offer to save your space and officially kickstart your journey at UFV.

Accept your offer of admission

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Remember: you cannot start until you have accepted your offer!


Young men dressed in a black puffy jacket looking at the camera. In the background, we can see a body of water and a row of houses.

“I came to Canada to go to UFV, and it was a huge change in my career and life. The volunteer opportunities were awesome — I got to meet so many people; to develop communication and networking skills.

I have a job in my field now, but I still volunteer whenever I can.”

Neeraj Kumar
Graduate, Computer Information Systems & Student Life volunteer

*This page is not an official offer of admission. To view and formally accept your offer, you'll need to log into UFV's application portal, select your admission term, and click "Accept Offer." From there, you'll receive additional instructions.

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