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Apprenticeship training

Steps to apply


Find a sponsor

First, you must find a sponsor willing and able to oversee your on-the-job training in the trade of your choice. Your sponsor must be a legal entity, or an individual who is a certified journeyperson or equivalent. Most often your sponsor is your employer, but in some instances, your sponsor may be a body such as a joint board.

If you plan on taking the Professional Cook Apprenticeship program, please note that UFV is your Level 1 and 2 sponsor and you are not required to register with Skilled Trades BC prior to registration at UFV.


Register with Skilled Trades BC

In British Columbia, Skilled Trades BC manages apprenticeships, sets program standards, and issues certificates. Before you enter an apprenticeship, you must register with them and obtain a registration number, also known as your Trades Worker ID. 

Download the Apprentice and Sponsor Registration Forms from the Skilled Trades BC website. Fill out the "Apprentice Information" portion of the form and have your employer complete the "Sponsor Information portion".


Fill out a UFV application form

Apply online and pay the $52.72 application fee.

After you complete your application, you will then receive an email, to the email address you submitted on the application, asking for the following information:

  • Name
  • Skilled Trades BC apprenticeship no.
  • Your trade, and levels of training required
  • Where you completed previous levels, if any
  • Your employer's contact information
  • Work based hours reported to Skilled Trades BC

Wait for the next intake in which there is space

Shortly after you apply, you will receive an email offering you a seat in the next available course. It will be up to you to make arrangements with your employer to attend.


Pay your fees and register

If you have a confirmed seat for a particular session, we will contact you by email three - six months prior to the start date with information about paying your tuition in full and registering. 

Please be sure to advise the UFV Trades and Technology department of any changes in your contact information such as change of name, address, phone numbers, or email address.  We will not be responsible for any inconvenience if we are unable to contact you.