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Arts and Integrated Studies

Integrated Studies


Bachelor's degree

4 years

Full time, Online, Part time
Themes, minors, aviation, co-op.

How to apply

Start date:
January, May, September 

May vary depending on course selection



  • Design your own educational pathway to meet your educational and professional goals and utilize past training and academic experiences.
  • Flexible, transfer-friendly program that can often be completed in less time than other degrees. Can be completed through full-time or part-time studies.
  • Program eligible for financial aid


Today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders require flexible education options that allow for a blend of professional and academic training, interdisciplinary studies, and applied and practical experiences.

Choose the BIS program because:

  • You have relevant professional and/or prior academic experience that you would like to use towards your degree. The BIS is designed to support students with prior academic and/or professional training and experience who want to attain a credential for professional and educational advancement.
  • The BIS degree provides the greatest flexibility of any program. The degree is non-disciplinary and allows students to combine courses and short programs (e.g., certificates, minors, themes, etc.). Students can choose courses offered from across UFV to meet degree requirements. Students work with an academic advisor to select courses that best meet their learning goals, schedules, and other needs.
  • The BIS degree is rigorous. BIS students demonstrate competency in six core areas and complete foundational study in written communications and statistics. BIS students carry out advanced academic coursework in multiple disciplines as well as portfolio and career learning.
  • The BIS is a transfer-friendly program. Students can transfer up to 90 credits into their degree. UFV also maintains transfer partnerships with multiple public and private educational and training providers.
  • You can complete your degree more quickly than other options. Many students find that they can complete their degree more quickly in the BIS, because of the degree’s flexibility, use of transfer credit, and non-disciplinary structure.
  • Our graduates succeed! Just over half of BIS alumni pursue graduate study, Teacher Education and other professional programs, and many other graduates obtain professional certification in specialized areas of practice.

Whether you are new to university or are returning to school after some time in the workforce, speak to an academic advisor about how you can complete your Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree.


Bachelor of Integrated Studies students can combine additional credentials and designations as part of their degree. Options include Themes, Minors, Certificates, and Diplomas.


Create a unique specialization around a unique theme or concept, using upper-level credits from two or more disciplines. If applicable, you complete the bulk of your theme courses in your last two years. If you are considering a theme, meet with an academic advisor as early in your program as possible, to ensure that you can complete the program in good time. Learn more about theme options.

Minors, Extended Minors, and Certificates

Build one or more minors or extended minors into your degree from a diversity of fields in the arts, sciences, professional studies, and health. Or choose to complete an associate or full certificate in a specialized area of practice, with options ranging from Agricultural Technology to Workplace Education. For the full range of options, see UFV’s Programs list.


Students completing or who have completed Aviation training can receive academic credit for Transport Canada-issued licenses, and use this credit towards the Bachelor of Integrated Studies. Students should book an appointment with an Academic Advisor to learn more.


Graduates of the UFV Bachelor of Integrated Studies program work in a wide range of fields, with more than half pursuing additional credentialization and certification in specialized areas of practice. Integrated Studies alumni can be found in K-12 education; commercial aviation; business, management and human resources; government and administrative support; community programming, social services, and counselling; and in natural resource and environmental engagement.


Enter the Bachelor of Integrated Studies program directly, or through transfer. For more information, view the UFV calendar to see the Bachelor of Integrated Studies requirements.


This program is open for international students


Contact UFV's Upgrading and University Preparation department to learn more about upgrading options.


Phone: 1-604-851-6333
Toll free: 1-888-504-7441, ext. 6333
Email: ais@ufv.ca
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