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Arts and Integrated Studies

Partnerships and transfer agreements

Students and employees from the following organizations, institutions and programs can transfer their credits into the Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS) or the General Studies diploma (GSD) at UFV.

If you are a student at one of these organizations or institutions and are considering transferring into the BIS or the GSD or have already done so, you are encouraged to make an appointment with an academic advisor. The advisor can review how to use your credits to meet program requirements and work with you to identify strategies to complete your Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree or your General Studies diploma.

Learn more about specific transfer pathways for the following transfer partners below:

As a graduate of the General Studies diploma program at Columbia Bible College (CBC), you are halfway to completing a UFV Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS) degree. You can use courses in your CBC diploma to meet most of the requirements of the BIS.

CBC’s General Studies diploma also requires you to complete a breadth of arts courses that also meet pre-requisites for many UFV courses. As a transfer student, you can often start taking upper-level courses the semester you arrive at UFV.

If you decide to transfer from CBC before completing your General Studies diploma, UFV will count most or all the credits that you have already completed. To learn more about how your courses transfer and which degree requirements they meet, make an appointment with an Integrated and General Studies advisor.

Students can use all of their transfer credits from Douglas College’s Sign Language Interpretation program towards the Bachelor of Integrated Studies. Completion of the interpretation program also meets multiple BIS competency requirements.

Graduates of the Sign Language Interpretation program frequently complete the BIS as a pathway to applying to teacher education programs. Make an appointment with an Integrated and General Studies advisor.

Graduates of the Focus College Advanced Certificate in Business program will be granted up to 31 credits, or one year of equivalent study, towards the two-year General Studies diploma. By completing their Advanced Certificate in Business at Focus College, students will also have met multiple program requirements of the UFV General Studies Diploma. If you are transferring from Focus College to UFV’s General Studies Diploma program, you are encouraged to meet with a UFV Academic Advisor prior to or soon after beginning your studies at UFV. To book an appointment, go to

The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) has partnered with McDonald's Canada to offer McDonald's employees new pathways to pursue post-secondary education. This flexible credit agreement will allow managers with approved course credit to achieve their chosen credential at UFV while still working.

Prospective students who have completed management training courses at McDonald’s, and who meet UFV’s admission requirements, can receive credit toward one of four options at UFV:

To speak to someone about using McDonald’s training towards your degree, fill out the information request form on the McDonald's partnership page.

As a graduate from the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT) you can ladder your three-year Indigenous Holistic Wellness and Addictions (IHWA) advanced diploma or Chemical Addictions Worker (ChAD) advanced diploma to earn a Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree. At UFV, you complete an additional 30 credits of upper-level UFV courses in order to earn your degree.

Firefighting employees of Surrey Fire Services (SFS) can receive academic credit for training provided by SFS, and this credit can be applied towards their General Studies diploma or Bachelor of Integrated Studies. SFS-provided training also meets certain program requirements, including Scientific practice.

For more information on this transfer partnership, Surrey Fire Services personnel should contact the SFS Assistant Chief responsible for Training. You can also book an appointment with a UFV academic advisor at

Graduates from almost a dozen programs offered by Vancouver Film School (VFS)--ranging from 3D animation to Writing for Film, Television, and Games--can transfer their credits from this training into the Bachelor of Integrated

Studies. This is one of several pathways VFS graduates can choose to follow at UFV. Students may also apply to the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Media Arts, and Bachelor of Arts program. Visit VFS’s program pathways site or book an appointment with a UFV advisor for more information.

Are you currently employed with McDonald’s?

Receive credits toward one of four credentials, including the General Studies diploma & the Bachelor of Integrated Studies through a new UFV-McDonald's partnership.

Learn more