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Justin Lee

Justin Lee

Assistant Professor


Abbotsford campus

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I am an Instructor in the Biology Department at UFV and currently hold a limited-term appointment.  It has been my lifelong dream to be a teacher/instructor and I am very thankful for the UFV Biology Department for providing me with so many teaching opportunities.  I especially enjoy teaching at UFV because of the smaller class sizes and being able to interact with students in a more personalized manner.  I have taught at UFV since 2013 and teach several courses including BIO 093, 105 (online), 111, 112, 201, 202, 320.  These Biology courses can be challenging, but I try to take a unique approach to teaching by incorporating mnemonics, humour and song parodies to assist in student learning.  

Before coming to UFV, I worked as a researcher in Dr. Pieter Cullis’ lab at UBC (Vancouver) and collaborated with Dr. Paul Rennie’s research group at the Vancouver Prostate Centre (at Vancouver General Hospital).  My research involved designing and characterizing a targeted lipid nanoparticle (LNP) drug delivery system to carry small-interfering RNAs (siRNAs) directed against the androgen receptor (AR) to prostate cancer cells in vivo.  I have published several peer-reviewed articles on LNP-siRNA drug delivery systems and received my Ph.D. from UBC in 2013. 

During the summer semesters I also teach at UBC’s Vancouver campus.  I currently teach BIOC 302 and have previously taught a course encompassing the Molecular Mechanisms & Biochemistry of Diseases in the Vancouver Summer Program (VSP). 

Prior to moving to B.C. for Graduate school, I started my career working in Chemistry.  I worked as a Lab Instructor/Coordinator at the University of Calgary and St. Mary’s University in the Chemistry department teaching Introductory Chemistry (CHEM 201), Organic Chemistry (CHEM 351) and Biochemistry (BCEM 393).  I was also employed as an analytical chemist for a large industrial organization.

I enjoy being physically active in my spare time and regularly participate in CrossFit, volleyball, beach volleyball and skiing/snowboarding.


  • BSc Honours Biochemistry (University of Calgary)
  • PhD Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (University of British Columbia)


J.B. Lee, K. Zhang, Y.Y.C. Tam, J. Quick, Y.K. Tam, P.J.C. Lin, S. Chen, Y. Liu, J.K. Nair, I. Zlatev, K.G. Rajeev, M. Manoharan, P.S. Rennie, P.R. Cullis.  A Glu-urea Lys ligand-conjugated lipid nanoparticle/siRNA system inhibits androgen receptor expression in vivo.  Molecular Therapy: Nucleic Acids 5(8): e348. (2016)

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J.B. Lee, K. Zhang, Y.Y. Tam, Y.K. Tam, N.M. Belliveau, V.Y. Sung, P.J. Lin, E. LeBlanc, M.A. Ciufolini, P.S. Rennie, P.R. Cullis.  Lipid nanoparticle siRNA systems for silencing the androgen receptor in human prostate cancer in vivo.  International Journal of Cancer 131, E781-E790.  (2012)

S. Cressman, I. Dobson, J.B. Lee, Y.Y. Tam, P.R. Cullis.  Synthesis of a labeled RGD-lipid, its incorporation into liposomal nanoparticles, and their trafficking in cultured endothelial cells.  Bioconjugate Chemistry 20, 1404-1411.  (2009)

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