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Textbook Buy Back

Turn Your Textbooks into Cash!

Turning your textbooks into cash is easy when you follow these simple steps: 


Find your textbooks

During your last week of classes in each semester, locate the gently-used textbooks you want to sell.

The UFV Bookstore will look to buy back textbooks that are in good condition with:

  • no rips
  • no tears
  • no water damage
  • no stains
  • or extensive marking

To receive the best price, the textbooks must be recent editions that the bookstore can re-sell for the next semester's courses.

Coursepacks, looseleaf textbooks or bundled materials that are now missing pieces will not be accepted.


Identify the next Textbook Buy Back dates

Confirm the next Buy Back dates on our website, or social media.

Winter 2022 Buy Back Dates
UFV Abbotsford Bookstore


14,15,16, 21, 22


Masks are M A N D A T O R Y upon entry.

Please follow social distancing protocol when lining up for the safety of yourself, fellow customers, and staff.


Drop by the Bookstore to sell your books

Bring your books to the Bookstore during the Buy Back period, to have them appraised and purchased by our team.

Please note that we are unable to confirm if your book will be eligible for Buy Back over the phone or email.

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